Where are Nectar Mattresses Made?

The Nectar Mattress is a revolutionary mattress that has been growing in popularity due to their great marketing and comfortable beds:

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Nectar has some great technology built into their mattress such as layers also provide optimal contouring support as an individual sleeps. So far Nectar mattress has seemed to live up to its hype and has received good reviews.

Now before you buy a mattress, its probably a good idea to know how it performs during sex.

How a mattress performs during sex can be a make it or break it feature for any couple.

That’s why today we are looking at how Nectar performs under “vigorous conditions”.

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How Is Sex On a Nectar Mattress?

Nectar hybrid mattress will leave you catnapping not wanting to get up in the morning

DreamCloud’s eight luxurious layers of hybrid materials give it the edge support, firmness, bounce, and durability you want in a versatile bed. Plus, it comes with a lifelong warranty and a generous 365-night trial.

Selling points:
  • The high-density memory foam in the Nectar mattress is built for long-term support.
  • Great edge support and durability (important for different positions)
  • Lifelong warranty
  • One-year trial
  • Mid-level firmness is neither too hard, nor too soft.
  • The Nectar mattress is truly an incredible value. The quality and price are unmatched at this price point.

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What exactly is a Nectar mattress?

A Nectar mattress is a high-end sleeping device that is designed for maximal support and comfort. Remember that comfort and support are two key elements to the sexual process. When you make love on your bed, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Nectar provides the best materials to give you that benefit.

What’s inside of a Nectar mattress?

The information contained in this section will explain how Nectar mattresses are made. It will also discuss how their construct can help you while you’re having sex. Nectar mattresses are made from a layered formation. This multiple layered approaches allows the mattress to provide maximal comfort.

The top layer is made out of a gel memory foam substance which helps your body during sleep. The gel layer also helps to keep the bed cool, which can be important to the sex act. Unless it is winter time, you generally do not want to become too overheated while making love. The next layer is made out of a premiere memory foam. This part conforms to the position and shape of your body.

Having a mattress that conforms to the image and shape of your body is useful during sex. This type of feature will allow couples to get into various positions without having to strain their back or hurt their knees. You already know that some sexual positions can be taxing on your body. Some positions can even be downright uncomfortable without proper support. This is why Nectar mattresses are a benefit when it comes to sexual activity.

The fourth through seventh layers of the mattress are designed for stability. The bottom layer’s main purpose is to keep the rest of the bed firm and in place. Here is something you should also consider when it comes to Nectar beds. They reduce motion transfer to almost zero. What this means is that you can have sex on this bed from different angles.

A couple’s rhythm will not be interrupted while they engage in this act. Having this type of flexibility is important to get the most out of the intercourse process. Remember, a bouncy mattress might seem like a good thing, but it can be counterproductive to a position that provides you with the most pleasure.

Ultimately, Nectar mattresses are great devices for sex because they are designed to take a pounding while providing people with stability and relaxation throughout the process. The best thing about a Nectar mattress is that you and your mate can get a good night’s sleep once you are finished making love.

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However, despite all the praise surrounding the Nectar mattress one question has emerged that wasn’t easy to answer at first, where are Nectar Mattresses made. Is nectar mattress made in USA as the company first claimed or made overseas as has now been reported?

Is Nectar made in the USA?

According to the FTC, Nectar is not made in the USA and is instead made and assembled in China. Here is what the report states:

According to the FTC’s complaint, Nectar Brand LLC claimed in promotional materials that its mattresses were “Designed and Assembled in USA,” but in fact the mattresses are wholly imported from China, with no assembly taking place in the United States.

The company, also doing business as Nectar Sleep; DreamCloud, LLC; and DreamCloud Brand LLC, markets its products online at the company website, nectarsleep.com.

Under the terms of the proposed order, Nectar is prohibited from making unqualified U.S.-origin claims for mattresses or other products or services unless it can show that the products’ final assembly or processing – and all significant processing – take place in the United States and that all or virtually all ingredients or components of the product are made and sourced in the United States.

Where Nectar Mattresses Are Made?

Nectar Mattresses are made in China. However the company itself is American. When the Nectar mattress first hit the market the company claimed that they created the mattresses themselves. Since they are an American company it was automatically believed that the mattress and all its materials were indeed made in the USA.

However, it turns out this wasn’t the case as was discovered by a claim filed by the Federal Trade Commission the FTC in the Spring of 2018. Turns out that the terminology Nectar mattress made in China is more accurate.

The materials used to make the Nectar mattresses come from overseas and this left the company facing a complaint to fix their mattresses to reflect that fact. The company complied with this judgement. Despite the controversy though, it didn’t effect Nectar’s overall reputation with the company.

Yes, their competitors tried to use this fact against them especially if the brand was indeed made in the USA, but despite this firestorm, Nectar moved forward.

Nectar Moving Forward

Nectar may have hit a rough patch along the way, but that didn’t stop the company from continuing to grow. Perhaps that came down to the quality of the product, even if manufactured overseas, there was no denying that Nectar was still a mattress of good quality.

It has received sold reviews online such as at Amazon where it has gotten a rating of 4 out of 5 stars with almost four hundred reviews. Perhaps some of the things that have helped keep Nectar competitive is not just the fact that the mattress is affordable, but it also gives individuals a test drive.

That’s right when deciding to purchase a Nectar mattress individual can actually test the mattress out before deciding if they want to purchase it. These test periods can be anywhere from 3 months to an entire year depending on where the mattress is purchased online.

The mattresses also come with a lifetime warranty, free shipping and free returns if a person isn’t pleased with the mattress for any given reason. If that’s not enough, if the mattress is bought on the companies actual website they offer financing and flexible payment. So, when it came right down to it, did it really matter where the nectar mattress was made?

Probably not the product spoke for itself and despite being misleading when it came to where their mattress was assembled the company did live up to all their other promises and perhaps when buying a mattress that is the thing that truly counts.