Treadmill Desk Jimmy Kimmel

This is a great way how you can lessen the ill effects that can be caused by sitting at a work desk for long hours.

How Does A Treadmill Desk Help Alleviate The Ill Effects Of A Sedentary Job?

Many people find that working at a desk for long hours each day causes many health problems.  Sitting at a desk for more than half the day will have an influence on your weight; less movement, more weight.  Your heart-health, blood pressure, metabolism, blood circulation and even energy levels will be influenced; the less you do the less energy you will have.

The UK was the first to test a prototype of treadmill desks in 2006.  The idea became very popular.  Quite a few well-known persons from all walks of life use some type of treadmill desk.  People that tried and tested these desks fell in love with them.  For example, Victoria Beckham felt that all offices should be equipped with a treadmill desk.

Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night TV-show, host, installed a large tabletop contraption, enabling him to work while exercising.  He explained that he read an article that stated facts and information, indicating that sitting throughout the day will lower your life expectancy with more than 15 years.

Health Benefits Of A Treadmill Desk:

  1. Weight loss: You can burn approximately 100 -130 calories per hour when you walk as slow as 2 miles per hour.
  2. Lower Blood Pressure: Exercise is beneficial to most bodily functions.
  3. Lower Blood Sugar Levels: More movement will promote better metabolism and then also better blood sugar levels.
  4. Reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases: Exercise strengthens the heart and promote circulation.
  5. Lessen the risk of developing cancer: While cancer can develop from different causes your lifestyle can help lower the risks.  More exercise can have an influence on all the factors that may encourage cancer cells to grow, for instance lowering blood sugar levels and weight loss.

An increase in activities that will encourage better blood circulation will also improve the fight against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even the prevention of osteoporosis.

The type of treadmill Jimmy Kimmel uses is the Lifespan T1200-DT7

How To Use A Treadmill Desk Correctly

Make sure it fits into your work demand and purpose

You firstly need to make sure that the treadmill desk will have the correct workspace, height and surface, ensuring that you reap all the benefits it has to offer.  If not ergonomically sound, you may cause more health problems by working improperly, than solving health problems.

Start gradually

It is also recommended that you should gradually ease into your new working method.  At first, you should not exceed a speed of less than two miles per hour.  To begin with, you can do half an hour on the treadmill desk and half an hour off, for part of the day.


Many people may find it difficult to walk while working.  It is easy to talk or chew something while you walk, but writing or typing can cause a problem when starting out.  You might think about starting slowly with things like reading e-mails or research.

All in all, the Treadmill Desk can solve your problems of not having time for exercising.  Exercising should be part of an everyday healthy lifestyle.  In the words of Jimmy Kimmel: “We weren’t meant to sit this much.”