Purple Vs Helix Mattress: Which One Will Get You The Best Sleep? [2019]

Looking for Purple vs Helix Mattress? We take a look and compare and contrasts two of the most popular brands in the market to see what is the best one money can buy.

Mattresses are one of the important items in life that we often take for granted.

After a long, hard day’s work when we come back home with just the thought of a relaxing in the bed, the wrong mattress can certainly ruin our mood.

Not to mention the health implications involved in ‘sleeping the wrong way’ by choosing the wrong product.

So, picking the right mattress for your needs can be a very difficult task.

Especially when it comes to choosing between a mattress that boasts polyester and another that has a commanding hand over coil based beds.

And if you are suffering from the same dilemma then let us help you out today with a review on one of the leaders from each genre: Purple and Helix Mattresses.

We are confident that all of their independent features will help you out with your mattress choice.

So sit back and read along.

Purple Mattress Review

1. Construction.

Purple mattresses are primarily made out of a unique layering of various densities of polyfoam and polyesters like viscose and lycra.

And much of their comfort comes from the grid-like construction of the hyper-elastic polymer, which along with the porous and thin lycra cover keeps the mattress soft to the touch and fresh.

2. The Layers.

The Purple mattresses are just amazing when it comes to evenly distributing the weight of a sleeping body. The initial 2-inches of comfort layer consists of a hyper-elastic polymer that is absolutely perfect for relieving pressure from the lower back and the shoulders.

The comfort layer is succeeded by a transitional one, which is made out of 1.8-pound dense poly foam. This polyfoam has a great bounce and doesn’t allow the sleeper to sink in too deep inside the bed.

The final layer has a denser 2.0-pound poly foam that keeps the mattress durable and allows it to hold its shape for longer.

3. Covering.

The Purple mattress is given a very breathable cover. It is thin, stretchable, porous and allows fantastic airflow between the layers.

The cover keeps the mattress fresh even in the hottest of summers, and the Lycra wicks away the moisture and reduces much of the surrounding humidity.

4. Firmness.

Purple Mattresses are neither too firm nor too soft. On a scale of 10, we give them a 6.5, as they are absolutely ideal for side and back sleepers, but not stomach sleepers.

5. Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage.

The luxurious lycra covers that Purple gives their mattresses has a very comfortable hugging feel to it. They are plush and soft, which is something all side sleepers dream of.

But the Purple Mattresses don’t do all that well when it comes to motion transfer. Polymers and polyesters are not as good as memory foam when trying to isolate the motion vibrations at its source.

And when it comes to sinkage, the transitional layer does reasonably well, and gives the bed a fantastic amount of edge support.

How much Does Purple Mattress Cost?

Purple mattresses come in 4 different sizes with the following prices:  


Mattress Size Pricing
Twin XL $699
Queen $999
King $1299
California King $1299

Other Specifications:

  1. Trial Period: 100 nights
  2. Shipping: Free delivery only to continental US States.
  3. Packaging: Product is compressed and packed in a bag.
  4. Returns: 100% money back if you are dissatisfied by the end of your trial.
  5. Warranty: 10 years of warranty.
  6. Country of Manufacturing: USA

Helix Mattress Review

1. Construction

The most unique feature about the Helix mattress is its build; it has four distinct layers of poly foam and pocketed micro-coils that contour the body and act as amazing stress busters.

But what is even more fantastic about the construction is that the layers can be customized to meet your own height and firmness requirements.

2. The Layers

The top layer of the Helix mattress is entirely focused on comfort and cooling. Made of a special gel poly foam, it effectively regulates the temperature of a sleeping body in every season.

The second layer is all about giving the mattress a favorable bounce. Made of pocketed micro coils, this layer provides fantastic pressure relief and uniform weight distribution.

The third layer is a lot like Purple’s second, a transitional one, which supports the sleepers back and doesn’t let him sink in all that deep.

The final layer is made of high-density support foam that forms a foundational layer and gives the other layers shape and durability.

3. The Cover

The cover of the Helix mattress is made of pure polyester. It is ultra thin and constructed out of one of the most durable fabric blends, that also and keeps the mattress fresh and aerated.

It’s also quite stylish and luxurious, as Helix has given it a modern look with white checkered patterns and contrasting bright blue sides.

4. Firmness

The customizable options of the Helix mattress keeps its firmness quite versatile. On a scale of 10, you can either make it too soft at 3 or too firm at 8.

5. Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage:

The Helix mattress is amazingly responsive to the touch, with a favorable bounce and a soft hugging feel.

Pocketed coils are one of the best when it comes to minimizing motion transfer. As they are pocketed individually, any form of motion that affects one spring is not passed on to the next, thereby significantly reducing movement vibrations.

The coils keep the mattress decently bouncy, and with the excellent edge support, you won’t have a fear of falling off.

How Much Does Helix Mattress Cost?

Twin $600
Twin XL $700
Full $850
Queen $995
King $1195
California King $1195

Other details

  1. Trial Period: 100 nights
  2. Shipping: Free shipping to anywhere in Canada and the US.
  3. Returns: 100% money back guarantee within the trial period.
  4. Warranty: 10 years.
  5. Country of Manufacturing: USA

Helix vs Purple Mattress Conclusion

The modern day mattresses come with a variety of exciting features from temperature regulation to fantastic edge support and stress relief. Hence choosing one from the other can prove to be rather complicated, but we hope that our guide today was able to help you partially light the way if not all of it.

Till next time.