Proform Thinline Desk Treadmill Review (2018)

Does finding a Desk Treadmill that will suit all your requirements feel like a daunting task?  Take a look at the specifications for the Proform Thinline.

Interesting Facts And Features You Can Expect From A Proform Thinline Desk Treadmill


You decided that you need some form of exercise that you can manage while working because you do not have a lot of extra time available after work, and even on weekends.  You also decided that a Treadmill Desk might be an excellent choice for achieving that goal.

How to make the right choice when you decide to acquire a Treadmill Desk:

Whether you want to use your desktop treadmill during work hours, or just for you and your family at home, will have an influence on your choice of a treadmill desk.  The amount of space you have available can also be a deciding factor.

The good news is that with the Proform Thinline Desk Treadmill, your choices and decisions are made rather easy.  This treadmill can be useful in an office as well as in your home.

The Proform Thinline Desk Treadmill will surprise you with many plus points added to rather just being a treadmill:

It does not need a lot of space when not in use; when finished with your workout, it folds to a vertical 12-inch width and can be stored safely out of the way.

You can change the incline for uphill, and it even features a decline for downhill; included with the maximum speed of 12 mph, you will also be able to increase an incline of 12%, and a decline of 3%.

It features a stunningly 40 different workout apps; these apps also include targeted coaching and provide a lot of variety for anyone to choose from.  No reason to limit yourself to just one type of exercise ever again.

You can enable interactive technology; where you can work out a route on Google Maps and your treadmill will automatically decline, or incline the track, mimicking the terrain you would encounter if you should be outside on that route.

A long warranty is provided; which make this Treadmill a useful, popular and cost-effective addition to any modern office environment or family home.

More Likeable Features:

There is no Assembly needed:  Your treadmill will arrive, ready to go, as soon as its unpacked.

Adjustable to comfortably accommodate all types of adults:  Tall, short, thin and not so thin can all adjust the work surface to fit their requirements.

A Cooling Fan:  This might seem not too important, but it can make a big difference when you challenge yourself to go further.  The fan can be set to different speeds or it can stay turned off.

The fact that it does not contain a wireless heart-rate monitor, but a dual-grip monitor, will provide you with less accurate readings.  This treadmill is adequate for walking, that is mostly used in the office environment, but is not a good choice for everyday running.

Not fully ergonomically adjustable to office surroundings, the Proform Thinline Desk is a sturdy treadmill that will be of good service to you in any environment.