Nectar vs Leesa Mattress – A Complete Buyers Guide [2018]

Leesa vs Nectar Mattress: Head to Head Buyers Guide

Selecting from thousands of mattresses in the marketplace can be an overwhelming task. Even once you’ve narrowed it down to 2, you still might have trouble choosing between those two quality beds.

The Leesa Mattress is made up of three high quality layers of foam, while the Nectar Bed features memory foam using a one-inch layer quilted into the cover for additional pressure relief. Needless to say, both these mattresses provide appeal, making your selection harder.

This contrast of the Leesa Mattress to the Nectar Bed should give you more insight as to which of these great mattresses is made best to suit you.

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A Complete Nectar Review

Nectar Construction

Nectar primarily focuses on using memory foam for user support and comfort. In actuality, even a bit of this foam is quilted into the cover for optimal comfort levels. This sort of design emphasizes the relief of pressure points and provides a fantastic sleeping experience for clients.


This mattress is designed with 2 layers of memory foam underneath an extra coating of a gel-based foam stitched into the outer cover. In the middle layers, the upper area of the foam is placed to perfectly react to the pressure and evenly distribute weight. This, along with the gel-based memory foam, gives the perfect body contour form. The lower part, as stated previously, is just another layer of foam that acts as a transition layer. The last layer of this mattress is the foundation layer (per usual) and is comprised of high-density poly foam.


This brand’s cover design is comprised of a nice blend of Tencel and soft cotton. Tencel is a soft material that is known for its breathability and is made from trees, and hence, is very eco-friendly. This brand is unique because it consists of a 1 inch gel memory foam that’s stitched directly into the cover, helping shape the body and maintain comfortable temperatures.

In regards to colour, Nectar mattresses are white with grey colored sides.


The stability of a mattress is determined by the effects of the weight reduction of the user in addition to the size of the mattress. Nectar has a score of 6 (6.5 at the most) on a firmness scale of 1 — 10. Due to the memory foam in the cover, the initial feel may be soft, but it gets firmer as a result of transitional layer, giving it a general medium firmness ranking.

Feel, Motion Transfer, and Sinkage

Nectar is amazing for those men and women who prefer sleeping on their sides due to its excellent pressure relief program. Side sleepers can usually alleviate the strain from this position by using a Nectar mattress.

And, if you’re planning on sharing this sleeping space with a spouse, the mattress has minimum motion transfer because of its memory foam being capable of isolating impacts. This mattress keeps overall low disturbance levels, which is great if you’ve got a fidgety sleeping companion.

Nectar Pricing

Nectar starts at a price of $500, which isn’t much different from Leesa, but if you are looking for a larger sized mattress (like King or California King), it comes at a comparatively lower price of about $1,000.

Leesa: A Complete Review

Leesa Structure

The Leesa brand is famous because of their hybrid foam mattress. This design usually utilizes a combination of different mattress types in order to maximize comfort levels while minimizing the negative consequences.

Leesa utilizes both Avena and memory foam layers to accomplish that so-called effect and provides users with excellent sleeping experiences.


This manufacturer uses three layers of foam for the mattress, two of which are very unique (memory foam and Avena foam). The uppermost layer consists of 2 inches of Avena foam, which is known to provide exceptional comfort and cooling effects for the sleeper.

This sort of construction is much more durable than any of its latex contemporaries, because there are an additional 2 inches of memory foam which relieve pressure while still providing incredible support for the body. The bottom and final layer is made up of simple foam base that serves as the foundation of the mattress.


This mattress cover is typically a subtle grey and has sleek, minimalistic, and an aesthetically pleasing 4-bar design. The mattress only has visible threading at the corner, along with the lycra-polyester blend of the cover gives it excellent breathability, durability, absorption, and stretching.

Feel, Motion Transport, and Sinkage:

When lying down, a user may experience a sinkage of approximately 2.0 — 2.25 inches on a Leesa mattress. Considering that the stability of the mattress is about neutral, theres excellent buoyancy which prevents the consumer from hugging the mattress.

Concerning motion transfer, users of this Leesa mattress is only going to experience this in tiny quantities. There is minimal movement transfer intensity, which is a great quality to have when sharing the bed with a partner.

Leesa Pricing

A Leesa mattress can be bought anywhere from $500 — $1,000, based on the size of the mattress. The business also frequently provides decent sized discounts that make these mattresses more affordable.

Comparing Motion Transfer

People who wake easily to motion (such as pets and children jumping into bed or spouses tossing and turning) will delight in each product’s minimal movement transfer.

Memory foam mattresses tend to perform best with motion isolation and all-foam brands are close behind. High levels of motion isolation can be experienced in both offerings.

Assessing Edge Support

The mattresses have similar edge support. We anticipate brands that ship compressed to have some compression when sitting or lying down along the border. While this is true, the support layers must make you feel comfortable and not like you’re going to fall off the edge when lying down.

Not everyone uses their edges for sleeping or sitting, but it’s important to know how the mattress should function before buying it.

The Final Verdict: Which is Best for You — Nectar or Leesa?

Alright, here we are, trying to get a verdict based on the reviews and comparisons mentioned above. If you’re still unsure which mattress to get, the next section should help you out. Butif you’re already inclined towards one of these, then you should definitely listen to this feeling. If anything goes wrong, remember, you can always return it.

So, let’s begin again by saying both of these are simply exceptional mattresses with unique qualities to provide users with a good nights sleep. But, they also have quite a few differences which have been pointed out in the above review. If you can relate to any of the below content, we believe that you have to chose Nectar:

You’re a side sleeper:

As stated earlier, side sleepers are typically prone to lots of stress because of their uneven weight distribution. This mattress works best if you sleep on your side, because it has excellent weight distribution and effectively alleviates stress. So, if this seems like this could help you, we believe you should give it a try.

You’re a big fan of memory foam:

We get it — you like memory foam. While Leesa does use it, Nectar takes memory foam to another level. They use not one, not two, but three layers of memory foam to give you incredible support while you sleep. And don’t forget, this excess foam comes with a great deal of extra comfort. So, if you want to feel as though you are being embraced by your mattress, Nectar could be the one for you.

You’re looking for excellent breathability:

We have two words — Tencel and gel. Tencel and gel memory foam are sufficient to make certain that the mattress will have good temperature regulation. Memory foam is famous absorb heat, which is why this brand’s designers sought out an alternative kind of foam in conjunction with Tencel to create the perfect blend.

Trial period:

The brand offers a 365-day trial period, unlike the majority of its competition. So, if you are indecisive, this could be the best way for you to make a determination.

You are a sucker for guarantee period:

Obviously, who does not need a lifetime guarantee period? That’s exactly what this company offers its clients; even if there is an impression that is only 1.5 inches deep, they’ll replace it for you. Amazing, is not it?

Bearing this in mind, we recommend reading the finer qualities of Leesa mattresses before you make your final decision. If any of the below reasons are ideal for you, we firmly believe that Leesa could be the smartest choice.

Leesa vs Nectar Closing Thoughts

Overall, both Nectar and Leesa have great qualities that make them both very suitable choices. Nectar is great at providing deep pressure relief and isolating movement during your sleep. Additionally it is great at providing maximum comfort and support for sleepers. Leesa gives you deeper sinkage, instant comfort, and superior answers, all thanks to its Avena foam.

But finally, when it comes to zeroing in on the mattress that best suits you, the choice can only be made by you. So, just think about the above review and decide on the mattress that will make you the most comfortable. Happy buying!

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