Nectar vs Casper Mattress: Who Takes The Crown? [2019 Update]

“Sleep is the best meditation” – Dalai Lama

The above quote perfectly sums up the importance of having a good sleep and why you should know which mattress to pick.

And if you’re in the market for either a Nectar or Casper mattress but confused, which to pick, then this guide is for you.

Both the brands have earned an insane amount of notoriety in the ever-growing mattress world, leaving people running to experts for suggestions.

We’ve compared two of these leading mattresses and found that not everything is what meets the eye!

Read this Nectar vs. Casper Mattress guide to know which product will be right for your needs.

After all, a mattress requires quite an investment.

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar mattress originates in China and is one of the best economic mattresses out there.

Let’s talk about the specifications of the mattress.

  1. Construction

Nectar mattresses use an integrated system of multi-layered memory foam. The technique of multi-layered memory foam allows the mattress to sink in the pressure and create a soothing effect on the body.

At 11 inches, on the whole, nectar provides enough space for a relaxed sleep. Overall construction and build quality is quite satisfactory and has very little to complain about.

  1. Layers

In addition to its integrated foam in the cover, the Nectar mattress boasts a 3 inches layer of foam right below it.

This extra layer of foam helps in weight distribution and soaking up the applied pressure.

A good mattress has a dedicated buffer zone between layers and nectar is no exception.

The integrated foam acts as the perfect buffer to the more sensitive inner foam. The inner foam is both responsive to pressure and flexible in structure.

Due to which the mattress provides a sinking effect but also remains a bit bouncy. The final layer is a base of dense poly foam.

The dense poly foam is incorporated to maintain the structural integrity of the mattress. The layers used are of high quality which ensures decent sleep and enhanced durability.

  1. Covering

Nectar mattress comes with the graded quality of Tencel Cotton making it softer and more breathable. Cotton with its ability to retain moisture decreases the temperature of the mattress.

To go with the covering, 1-inch layer of gel memory foam is used. The integrated gel helps in keeping the mattress aerated and prevent oversleeping.

Overall the cover makes up an ideal mattress especially if you reside in a humid environment.

  1. Firmness

Nectar strives to find a balance between being plush and firm. On a scale of 1-10 for ideal firmness, Nectar scores around 6.5.

  1. Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Nectar is built with an idea to give a comfortable sleep. Its 3 inches memory foam and gel technology does precisely that.

The firmness of foam absorbs the vibrations and helps to minimize motion transfer.

An above par weight distribution technique helps in giving people suffering from sleeping disorder a much-needed rest.

Polyfoam coating and sensitive foam reduces the sinkage level, and make the mattress a bit bouncy.

This unique combination helps the mattress to maintain its shape over a long period.

  1. Pricing

Nectar is one of the most affordable mattresses out there which instead of compromising too much on quality focuses on creating a specific product for a particular set of customers.

A regular twin mattress starts from as low as $500 and goes up to $900.


Casper Mattress Review

The USA made Casper Mattress is a definitive choice if Nectar isn’t really for you.

Here are few specifications of the mattress:

  1. Construction

The mattress is a decent 10 inches tall, leaving good leg space.

The covers are soft and thin which allows decent airflow and a nice plush feel.

The overall construction is at par with the industry standards and expectations.

  1. Layering

The mattress is made up of 4 layers of foam.

The uppermost layer is 1.5-inch breathable open-celled foam which gives the mattress a good bounce.

Below it lies a 1.5-inch slow-reacting, high-density memory foam. Memory foam acts as a pressure relief and thus helps heal sore muscles.

The third layer is again 1.5-inch long transition foam.

Transition foam allows transitioning the body weight from the soft upper layers to the bottom support layer in a smooth way. This reduces the vibration of body movement to a considerable level.

At the very bottom is a massive 5-inch durable support foam. The foam helps with motion control, soaking up the pressure.

  1. Firmness

Just like Nectar, Casper finds itself between a unique combination of firmness and bounce.

The middle portion of the mattress is firm due to the presence of the transition layer.

On a scale of 1-10, Casper scores a medium 6 rating of firmness.

  1. Feel and motion

The Casper doesn’t disappoint when it comes to having a nice soft feel. Since it’s an all foam mattress, the overall feel is delightful.

Motion Isolation makes Casper stand out. An excellent build and motion control makes it easier to get a quiet sleep especially if your partner moves around a lot.

The top layer is bouncy enough and makes it easier to travel within the mattress.

The edge support on this mattress is excellent.Sitting or standing on its edge doesn’t disorient the mattress or give a falling sensation.

  1. Pricing

Casper is moderately priced. It starts at $575 and goes up to as high as $1195.

At this price and with a good overall feel and experience makes Casper mattress one of the best deals out there.

Final Thoughts

Nectar and Casper are both an excellent choice in their respective fields.

Even though being priced in the same range, they don’t compete with each other. Rather, each serves a specific purpose.

Reasons why you should consider Nectar:

  1. You prefer to sleep on your sides

The three-layered memory foam gives a plush sensation to people sleeping on their hands

  1. Being environmental friendly is a priority

Each mattress comes with a CERTIPUR US certification. Tencel cotton cover is made up of no ozone depleters.

  1. You’re looking for a more economical option

Nectar is one of the most affordable mattresses out there. Its lifetime warranty makes it a sound investment and value for money.

Reasons why you should consider Casper:

  1. You sleep in various positions

The Casper is a good fit for people who roam around a lot during sleep. The transition layer makes it easier to move within and is also a decent pressure relief for muscles and joints.

  1. You share your bed

If you share a bed with someone who has a different sleep frequency, then Casper is your go-to choice.

We hope this comprehensive analysis and comparison helps you in selecting your ideal mattress!