Nectar vs Bear Mattress – A Complete Breakdown [2018]

Nectar vs Bear Mattress: A Look At Two Great Choices

When you are in the market for a new mattress, there is such a vast array of options to choose from; such as, the cost (including shipping and delivery), the firmness vs. the softness, the overall feel and where the manufacturer is located, all come to the forefront of decision making. Of course, it can all become quite overwhelming and confusing, unless you understand some key differences between two of the top memory foam mattresses on the market today. Thus, allow yourself a few, essential minutes to become acquainted with some of the quality differences between the Bear vs Nectar mattress attributes.

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Firmness and Softness of Bear and Nectar

We all have various preferences when it comes to how soft or firm we enjoy our night of blissful sleep. Thus, you certainly have to know what others are saying about the differences between the two mattresses in this regard. The overall majority verdict is overwhelming reporting that the Nectar is a little more on the firmer side compared to the Bear bed. Again, this is a highly personal choice and note there is actually only a slightly minor range characteristic variation.

• Both have a significant firmness that supports your crucial back and spine alignment

• Bear uses Celliant cover (providing breathable fibers) with a 10 inch thickness and Nectar has several layers of foam (including gel) and 11 inches in depth.

Location and Shipping

Okay. You might not give a second thought to where your mattress is made or where it will be shipped from before magically arriving to your home and ultimately in the comfort of your home. After all, what you want is a perfectly wonderful night of rest and supreme relaxation. But, if you are in a hurry or seek a Made in the USA product, you should be aware of these facts.

• Bear Mattress – from the United States with a fantastic, informative showroom in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Nectar Mattress – from China, thus there is not an available showroom to visit, plus there is a bit of a longer shipping time for your delivery.


Which is Cheaper, Bear or Nectar?

No, we’re not talking about the actual construction of the foam mattresses because both are high quality. Instead, what about the overall price you’ll pay for your new bed? Perhaps, you are on a tight budget and require the most cost efficient between the two or you simply have certain requirements and paying a few dollars more to receive the exact specifications that meet your personal, individual specifications (meaning your dream list of needs, ensuring the perfect night of dreams, too).

• Simply stated, the bottom line is the Nectar Brand is more cost efficient

• Look for savings coupons for the Bear Brand to save a little extra money

• Although both have a one year

As you can see, these two popular brands of mattresses (Bear and Nectar) are quite, equally popular with consumers. The choice between which one you purchase is up to you. Seriously, you could actually try out both of these foam beds because they each have a lovely one year trial period. Perhaps, you purchase a Bear and it’s a perfect fit and there is no need to sample the Nectar or on the flip slide try Nectar out first. The bottom line is there is no reason to flip your old mattress over and hope for a better night sleep. We all know, tossing and flopping around all night is unnecessarily exhausting!

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