Nectar Mattress Review: All Hype And No Substance? [2019 Update]

It’s true that Memory foam mattresses have always struggled to find a balance between comfort, support and heat regulation.

So, you might just be having second thoughts about investing in a foam bed when their latex and coil competitors are doing just as well, if not better.

But let us assure you that there are a lot of mattress companies out there that utilize memory foam in such a way that it results in one of the best sleeping experiences.

Take Nectar for example. Nectar is one of the most well-known brands that has successfully balanced comfort and support in their mattresses.

Along with decent heat regulation and fantastic pocket-friendly features, they have steadily grown to be one of the most popular mattress brands in recent times.

So, let’s take a closer look at its build and some of its key aspects, and determine whether the Nectar mattress can be the right fit for you like it is for so many else.

How Good Is Nectar Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses have a rather bad reputation in the current market. And a lot of customers have been slowly preferring mattresses with a spring or latex build more and more. As unlike memory foam, spring and latex don’t heat up excessively nor do they end up having a weird smell after a few days of use.

But Nectar uses their memory foam a bit differently. And the primary reason for what sets them apart from the rest of the foam mattresses is that it’s constructed in a very unique way.

Much of Nectar’s success lies in how they take different layers of foam and combine them in one of the most ingenious and effective ways.

The initial level of the 11-inch mattress has a support core of breathable polyfoam which is closely succeeded by a layer of adaptive memory foam, and then finally, a high-density foam core.

The layers are tightly knit together and encased in a breathable Tencel cover which is quilted with a layer of cooling gel memory foam. This is what keeps the mattress fresh and highly breathable even in the hottest of summers.

Additionally, what is indeed so very amazing about the nectar mattress is that each of its layers along with the cover are made with materials that are CertiPur certified.

Making them one of the more eco-friendly mattress brands in the market.

So, let’s take a closer look at all of its layers and the construction.

Layer 1

The first layer of the Nectar mattress is all about providing the sleeper with a much-needed stress relief after a long hard day.

It constitutes of Nectar’s very own trademarked LushFoam, which is uniquely crafted with a special gel technology. This gel-based build is absolutely ideal at contouring the body, and focusing on special pressure zones like the shoulders and the lower back to unknot the built-up stress.

The gel even helps in keeping the mattress fresh. As memory foam has a reputation for storing heat and making one sleep hot, the gel keeps the mattress aerated and dissipates the heat to regulate the temperature of the bed.

Layer 2

The succeeding layer of 1.5 inches of Adaptive Hi Core Memory, is quite well known for its fantastic response time. It is the layer that grants the mattress much of its bounce and firmness while at the same time forming a transition layer between the initial gel foam and the final high-density foam.

Adaptive Hi Core Memory is what provides the favorable bounce to the sleeper. It is much firmer in build than the LushFoam, and doesn’t allow one to sink in too far into the mattress and reach the denser foam. The bounce aids in stress relief as well, and grants a decent amount of edge support.

Layer 3

Durability is essential for any mattress, especially when it’s the one furniture of the house that is used every day and for the most extended amount of time.

The final layer of 5.5 inches of high-density polyfoam is what keeps the Nectar mattress hold its shape for an extended period. Nectar refers to it as the High Vegetable Base Super Core, along with durability, it provides the necessary support for a sleeping body and a sturdy foundation for the mattress.

The Cover

Bed bugs are one of the most significant problems that have plagued mattresses for centuries. And Nectar has expertly catered to that issue by equipping the cover of their mattress with durable long-staple cotton and Tencel, which along with being eco-friendly, is a bed bug resistant fabric.

A 1-inch layer of gel memory foam is also quilted into the cover, which is highly breathable and further adds to the cooling process.

The cover is lined with bumps on its underside as well; this forms a reliable grip that prevents the mattress from sliding inside its frame. This feature will come rather handy if you ever decide to implement adjustable base set-ups.

Mattress comfort

When it comes to firmness, the Nectar mattress keeps itself right at the middle of the scale,  at about 6.5 out of 10. So neither is it too firm, nor too soft, and this property adds much to its versatility, and makes it capable of fulfilling the needs of a broader customer base.

When trying out the Nectar mattress, the first thing that immediately caught our notice is how plush and soft the quilted cover felt to the touch. But even with the luxurious cover, the bed did not feel too soft as the 1.5 inches of Adaptive Hi Core Memory provided the much-needed bounce and firmness.

This universal level of firmness allows the mattress to be capable of uniform contouring and pressure relief. And what’s truly amazing is that even the lighter parts of the body sink in comfortably, which in turn creates a nice uniform feel of lying down.

So how does the Nectar mattress fare with the different types of sleepers?

  • Back Sleepers: The Nectar mattress is the choice of the day for those sleepers who prefer to lie on their back. While the uniform contouring and firmness level specially caters to relieving the pressure zones from the shoulders and lumbar region, the high-density base foam keeps the spine in perfect alignment.
  • Side Sleepers: Side sleepers usually tend to go for mattresses that can give them a plush hugging feel when they lie down. Nectar’s initial gel foam layer and quilted cover are capable of providing just that and more. The mattress embraces the side sleepers as they lie down.
  • Stomach Sleepers: We felt that the Nectar mattress falls a bit short when it comes to providing for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a lot of firmness and upward bounce support. The Nectar mattress though firm, is not firm enough, and may not be the right choice for stomach sleepers.

Edge support

If you sleep with a partner, then edge support in a mattress is of utmost importance. A proper edge support gives the bed a larger surface area to sleep on and makes it absolutely ideal for couples who like to take the entirety of the bed.

Mattresses that come in a bag don’t necessarily come with a good edge support. But Nectar pleasantly surprised us with the amount of bounce it provided around its edges. And rolling out of a Nectar mattress in one’s sleep is quite a hard feat to achieve indeed.  

Motion Transfer?

Memory foam mattresses are the best when it comes to minimizing motion transfer, and the same goes for the Nectar mattress as well.

The mattress is capable of isolating the movement vibrations at its source and is ideal for light sleepers who share a bed with a fidgety partner. Nectar excels in the motion transfer category so much so that it beats a lot of its ‘pocketed coil’ based competitors, who are known to be the leaders in motion isolation.

Nectar Mattress Cost

Nectar mattress is available in six different sizes, varying in price from $500 to $900

Size of the Mattress Pricing
Twin $500
Twin XL $650
Full $700
Queen $795
King $900
California King $900


Nectar’s features

  • The Trial Period: Nectar offers a trial period of 365 nights which is much more than what most of the other mattress companies provide. The trial is also risk-free, and you can return it with a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.
  • The Warranty: Each Nectar mattress comes with a LifeTime warranty.
  • Shipping and Optional White Glove Delivery Service: Nectar ships for free within the continental USA or to Hawaii, Alaska, or other U.S. Territories, excluding Puerto Rico, for an additional fee. White glove services are also available if you so choose.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified: Nectar mattresses are made with the most eco-friendly and green materials. Each of its parts and foam layers come with CertiPUR-US certification, which states that the mattress is not made out of any ozone depleters, formaldehyde, or heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
  • Universal Compatibility: Nectar mattresses are compatible with almost all types of foundations, which can even include platforms, divans, boxsprings, slatted frames, and adjustable bases. You can also decide to choose one of Nectar’s unique range of foundations, which along with the bed come with a Forever Warranty as well.
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified: The Nectar mattress cover is certified independently by a unique testing system that specifically evaluates fabrics. The cover goes through several processing points and strict chemical check routines, that analyze the levels of harmful materials used in the cover.
  • Easy to set up: The Nectar memory foam bed will be delivered to your front door rolled up in a bag. For easier transport around the house, the package even comes with a handle, and if you opt for the White Glove service, then you can have your mattress professionally unwrapped and installed.


  • One of the most green and eco-friendly mattresses in the market, which comes with CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certification.
  • The breathable cover keeps the bed cool and fresh and doesn’t allow the sleeper to sleep hot even in the hottest months.
  • Has an amazing capability of minimizing motion transfer, making it ideal for light sleepers.
  • Impressive amounts of edge support cater to couples who like to take up the entirety of the bed as they sleep.
  • From Twin to California King, all bed sizes are affordable and won’t put a hole through your savings.
  • Uniform levels of firmness and contouring are perfect for back and side sleepers

Nectar Mattress Complaints?

  • The mattress is not firm enough for sleepers who tend to prefer their stomachs as they lie down.
  • Though the cover and gel foam layer keeps the mattress cool, the temperature regulation still falls short in comparison to spring and latex builds.
  • The mattress emits a temporary odor when first removed from the packaging. This is called ‘off-gassing’ an is one of the most notifiable traits of a memory foam mattress.

Nectar Mattress vs Purple

Not sure how Nectar compares to Purple? We took a look at Nectar vs Purple here and this is how they break down:

From sinkage to edge support and levels of comfort, we have contrasted and compared both of the mattresses in all of the major categories. While Nectar Mattress is superior in motion transfer, Purple Mattress boasts exceptional pressure relief and edge support.

How Good Is A Nectar Mattress?

Comfort: 4.5

Support: 4.5

Value for Price: 5

Doesn’t Sleep Hot: 4.3

Motion Transfer: 4.8

Edge Support: 4.5

Materials/Durability: 4.5

Company Reputation: 4.8

Return Policy/Warranty: 5

Why go for the Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar Mattress can be your choice if:

  • You’re looking for a green mattress that comes with the highest quality checks, and rigorous processing points.
  • You prefer to sleep on your sides and on your back
  • You’re a light sleeper and share a bed with a person who likes to move a lot in their sleep.
  • You like to use the entire surface area of the bed as you sleep, and need a good edge support.

The Nectar brand of memory foam mattress is the perfect blend of fantastic features and affordability. If you are a light sleeper who tends to prefer the sides and back, then the Nectar is sure to give you one of the best sleeping experiences.

Hope you enjoyed our Nectar mattress review today.

Till next time!