Nectar Bed Warranty – Is it Really A Lifetime Guarantee?

Nectar Bed Warranty – The Truth

If you are wanting to know the truth and nothing but the truth about Nectar Bed and Nectar Mattress you have come to the right place. As with all warranties most individuals are concerned about what is in the fine print. The big life long and forever warranties sound great but do you really know what it all means?

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The Nectar company that creates foundations and also supply you with their mattress is just one on the market. The truth is that yes they do offer a Forever Warranty as long as you bought and own the foundation and/or mattress. If you do decided to sell the products the warranty terminates. This warranty covers the quality of the materials and the workmanship of the items. The one thing you will want to do is keep your receipt. If you do go to their website at least it is in full disclosure for you to read and it is not super tiny print so you can easily read it.

As you are reading you will see that there are line items that are disclosed that are covered such as degradation of the materials, splits or cracks, and manufacturing flaws that may have happened. The next items are what is not covered that you will see and they include what you prefer in comfort, things that you as the owner have done to the foundation and mattress such as burns, tears, neglect, and violating the instructions on how to use the products.

A plus to this is within the first ten years of owning the Nectar warranty they will completely replace the item if a defect is found at no charge to you. After the ten years then they will try to recover, repair, or replace your products. The only money that is involved is a fifty dollars each way for transportation, this can be waived by the company if the defect came from Nectar.

To file a claim they do provide you with a toll free number to contact them and also a mailing address to contact them with. It also goes on further since the company that manufactures the Nectar Bed and mattress is located in California they are governed by the Limited Warranty laws in California. The warranty as you can see is a Forever warranty as long as there are not any neglect on the part of the purchaser and that the defect has come from the manufacturing of the products. The company who holds the warranty is Dreamcloud.

In closing the answer is yes to the Forever warranty only with the caveat that as an owner you would take care of the product, let the company know if you notice the workmanship has defects in it, and follow the instructions for use and care. Then follow through with filing a claim to start the warranty process.

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