How and should you exercise if you catch a cold?

It is one of those questions that you cannot answer 100% sure due to many facts that affect the overall outcome. Someone can exercise when having a cold, while others barely can walk and eat when thy are affected by the cold.

Still, when you collect all the date and sum everything up, it turns out that you need to conclude on your own since only you know how your body reacts. Still, I will give you some directions that you could follow before concluding should you exercise or not.

Exercise regularly to avoid cold and illness

First of all, we must say that people who have fitness activities and exercise regularly have 50% fewer chances of catching a cold. It is because they strengthen their immune system. So in a nutshell, we need to have a moderate intensity of daily exercises or risk the chance of becoming unhealthy and having to undergo surgery.

A 30-minutes walk is just enough to cover this since it is proved that regular walking increases the number of white blood cells which are responsible for fighting the infections and diseases.

Follow your body’s reactions

bodyYou should exercise while having a cold but it is for sure that you will not be at your peak performance level.

The main thing is to listen to your body and follow its reactions.

Still, you can exercise slower and less intensively since physical activity increases heart rate. It can be a serious problem if you are taking cold medicines so be careful of breath shortage and trouble breathing. You don’t want to feel exhausted and weak since you are already sick.

You don’t want to push your limits too much as it can lead to injuries such as knee and join problems.

Know your limits

Even though your body will exactly tell you how much you can endure, sometimes is the best to know how much you can exercise. If you can perform 100 push ups in 20 minutes in good health condition, then perform 50 push ups in 20 minutes while you are having a cold. In this way, you will avoid possible physical injuries, and your body will not be exhausted completely.

Cold mixed with fever

If you have a cold that is followed by a fever, then you should not exercise at all. Fever is an additional burden for your body’s condition, so your body will become totally exhausted after a workout which is perfect for prolonging the cold and fever. Therefore, you should not work out when you have a cold that is followed by the fever.

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