Five (5) Things To Know About The Dreamcloud Mattress Affiliate Program

‘An elevated life begins with the sleep you deserve’ so says DreamCloud. Sleep is an important part of human activities that should not be negotiated at all. Good sleep is essential for proper wellbeing and functioning.

Still wondering why mattress business is very lucrative – everyone needs a good bed to rest on. This goes to say that getting into the mattress affiliate niche is a smart money choice.

But, it is not enough to blog about mattresses. What brand has a reputation that commands customers’ interests? Whenever this question is asked, DreamCloud comes to mind. But what’s up about the DreamCloud affiliate program? Why is DreamCloud listed among the high paying affiliate programs?

Let’s find out. Here are five things you need to know about the DreamCloud mattress affiliate program.

The Five Things You Should Know

Picture of Things To Know About The Dreamcloud Mattress Affiliate Program

1. 365 Days Home Trial

DreamCloud is a leading mattress retailer with all sizes available for purchase. They are known for quality, durability and a good grasp of customer satisfaction. They offer a whole 365-day home trial.

So, your promotional content does not dwell only on the standard sizes, from the twin XL to the California king size and their durability, but also on the generous trial period. Not all mattress affiliate programs will offer a one year trial period. This great feature will be very pleasing to a lot of customers.

A mattress that comes with a one year guarantee will surely attract customers’ interest and this is the kind of situation you can benefit from as it pulls traffic. So, DreamCloud has features that can guarantee the success of your blog.

2. $150 flat fee

DreamCloud has a good approach to commission. They offer their affiliate partners a 150 dollars flat fee which is more consistent than a commission based on percentage. Therefore, it encourages the continuation of these affiliate program’s commission structure.

Some other mattress affiliate programs operate a lower flat fee of $50 per sale or around that range as their commission. This should be a pointer to the fact that this is the right mattress affiliate program to get into.

3. One year tracking cookie and a great EPC

DreamCloud offers a year-long 365-day tracking cookie. They feature a very good 30-day Earning Per Click. I mean getting 285.44 EPC is nice. This makes you repose a healthy amount of trust in the conversion potential of this affiliate program.

This is unlike other mattress affiliate programs that offer shorter days of tracking cookie. Some clock in at 90 days but some have shorter days like 45. For an item with a high value like the mattress, you sure can use longer days tracking cookie. The tracking cookie should not be overlooked.

If it does not serve your preference, then you should look for an affiliate program that subscribes to your choice. And as far as DreamCloud is concerned, you are more than covered with a 365-day tracking cookie.

4. Other products

DreamCloud has other products like bed accessories, bed frames, and foundation. Although the main product that you want to promote is the mattress, you can still mention them. These products can endear people to the mattresses because they complete the whole package.

This is a bonus for you as they attract attention to the main mattress. These accessories, just like the mattresses, are durable and pocket-friendly. You sure want to work with a mattress affiliate program that ensures quality and durability.

5. Experience and reputation

DreamCloud will pay off big time because they have a variety of mattresses that will suit your audience irrespective of preferences and tastes. They have a variety of mattresses that fit any specifications your potential customers may have.

They have garnered a healthy reputation over the years and are well known. This is important to note so that you do not get into a dead-end affiliate program.

Why You Should Choose DreamCloud Affiliate Program

DreamCloud already has the kind of reputation that command attention so working with them won’t require much work in trying to get traffic to their website. Your content does it all. Not to mention the fair commission. DreamCloud is known for its quality.

They use exceptional materials that guarantee unaltered durability. They garner materials from around the world including premium natural latex, plush memory foam, and pocketed coils. Plus they use a cashmere blend Euro top cover hand-stitched by skilled artisans.

One thing with these affiliate programs is that they are all very similar in structure and function. What you have to do is to pick a couple of them and get accepted into their programs. Then work to see which one is your choice. If DreamCloud is one of them, then you are smart.

An added advantage is that from time to time, DreamCloud gives mouth-watering discounts that never seizes to attract buyers. Leveraging on this, you can create content that amplifies these benefits and you will see the stream of traffic it creates.

Not only does it increase traffic inflow for the moment, but it also ensures sustained customer interest. DreamCloud affiliate program is a choice you would want to make over and over again because the benefits are not resistible. Work with DreamCloud now and thank us later.