Kettlebell Deep Six Workout

As you know I am a big advocate for how fitness improves your overall lifestyle. That is why I am always on the look out for interesting workouts, and I found one today. The Kettlebell deep six workout was originally created by Jon Engum but there any many variations to the workout now. The deep six earned its name because it focuses on six different Kettlebell techniques. There are three levels of the workout meaning that just anyone from any skill level can try it.

The workout focuses on building and growing muscle mass and so trains the muscles for endurance. It offers the opportunity to get the benefits of conditioning the muscles without having to push through a high amount of reps.

If you haven’t used kettlebells before, take a look at this article.

The three levels of the Kettlebell deep six workout

Beginner – Between switching hands, rest for thirty seconds. Rest for one minute between rounds.

Intermediate – Rest after you have completed both right and left hands. Make your rest last between thirty seconds to one minute.

Advanced – No rest.

The original Kettlebell deep six workout

You should hold your Kettlebell in your right hand and remember not to set down the Kettlebell between moves. The suggested weight for a Kettlebell for this type of workout for a woman is 12 kg and include:

Move one – 5 swings

Move two – 5 snatches

Move three – 5 clean and presses

Move four – 1 reverse get-up

You should now switch hands and complete the sequence above. Do this five times over.

The double Kettlebell snatch

This is a variation of the original workout. It involved using one Kettlebell in each hand during the full workout plan. The only difference between this and the one Kettlebell deep six workout is that between reps you can drop the Kettlebell to the shoulders.

What the workout targets

Deep swings – Using deep swings require the knees to be soft so that you can sway your hips back while keeping the chest up. It is not a squat movement like many people think. To swing correctly, you should swing the Kettlebell back rather than lift it to the front.

Snatch – The snatch focuses on pushing the hips. It also requires a lot of work from the arms.

The clean and press- This works the shoulders and the triceps.

Preparing for the Deep Six Workout

Many people describe this workout as difficult. It can be really hard for someone who is already lacking the core muscles needed to complete the moves.

If you think you are strong enough, you could start by trying to complete three or four of each move to build up your strength before going for the full five. Another option is to complete fewer rounds of the deep six workout.

You can also try completing this with a smaller weight. Your Kettlebell should ideally be tough for you on the 8th repetition of a move. Using this rule should give you a good indication of which weight you should be using to start out.

If you are looking for a good workout that will tone up your arms and work on your shoulders and ab area too, this is the workout you need to try. It will challenge you and you can work your way up the three levels – meaning you can use this as a long term workout plan.

As always, if you plan to do this workout while pregnant make sure to consult your doctor.