Joe Rogan Workout – What’s His Secret?

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan has developed a daily routine that helps him to keep in shape. Joe Rogan is a former champion of Tae Kwan Do and also has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also a commentator and comedian.

The Guidelines

Joe finds that following a few guidelines helps him to keep on track. He likes to plan out his week and set any goals that he may have. In fact, many successful people plan out their day to be the most productive and to make the most out of their time. Every Sunday Rogan likes to map out the upcoming week. He sets many goals including monthly goals, yearly goals, and even hourly goals.

Joe Rogan exercises regularly and eats healthy in order to stay in good shape. He is into clean eating and trains very hard. Rogan also takes the time to meditate and to self-reflect. He reads books and doesn’t believe in making excuses.

Joe Rogan’s Kettlebell Workout

The Joe Rogan Workout routine consists of:

◘a kettlebell Deadlift with a Forward Lean: 5×5 reps

◘Kettlebell Overhead Sit Up: 5×10 reps

◘Push Ups with Abs Flexion: 5×10 reps

◘T Raise: 5×15 reps

◘Rotational Press: 5×10 reps

There is a two-minute interval of rest between each set.

The Joe Rogan kettlebell workout with deadlifts are an effective way to develop a better posterior chain in the glutes, lower back, and hamstrings. It is also very good for developing the back.

The Joe Rogan kettlebell workout with overhead sit up is a challenging move but will get your core in shape. The push-ups with flexion for your abs requires you to place your feet on rings, or straps and do a push-up. As you do the push-up, you will want to bring your knees in. This exercise takes the basic push-up to an entirely new and more difficult level. The delt raise is good for balance and back work.

The dumbbell rotational press involves you pulling the dumbbell from the floor as you rotate your body and press it over your head. The rotational press is a great way to get your obliques in shape.

Joe Rogan’s Workout Routine

Joe Rogan’s regular workout routine consists of three main exercises: the chin-up, the dip, and the overhead squat. Do three or up to five sets for each exercise in the order of your choosing. You can do all three exercises in a circuit or just do alternate sets of the dip and chin-ups.

With the Chin-ups, do your sets with 30-second hangs and work your way up to two minutes. (This is what Rogan does.) The chin-up will help you to develop grip strength.

For the dip, you suspend your body over bars that are parallel to each other and slowly lower yourself so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor.

For the overhead squat, you will stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while you press one or two kettlebells overhead. Do a deep squat while you keep your spine long. One kettlebell will challenge your stability while holding two will challenge your strength.

The Joe Rogan Workout is much more than just a workout. It involves many different aspects such as balance, focus, and being focused. Basically being “Onnit.” Being Onnit means that you are feeling healthy and performing at your very best and this requires work and dedication. Joe Rogan workout motivation comes from within and goes through cycles.

The 35-pound kettlebell workout Joe Rogan put out has everything to do with putting yourself out there and giving it your all. You can see it here

Joe Rogan’s Pre-Workout?

The Joe Rogan pre-workout consists of two sets of the Swing move and two sets of the Windmill move. You will need to do 20 sets for the Swing and five sets for the Windmill move.

In order to do the Swing move, you will hold the kettel bell with your hands at arm’s length and your feet shoulder-width apart. You will have to bend back your hips and “hike” the kettlebell back and between your legs. Next, you will extend your hips as you swing the weight of the kettlebell all the way up to eye level.

To perform the Windmill move, you will stand with both feet planted wider than shoulder-width apart and press the kettlebell overhead. You will need to stabilize the weight with your elbow in a locked position and turn your feet at an angle of 45-degrees (away from the weight.) Keep the leg (same side of the kettlebell) straight, hinge at your hips, and slide your free arm down the inside of the leg. (In front.) Do your best to touch the floor and get your torso parallel as you keep your eyes on the kettlebell. Extend your hips and get back to your original position.

Joe Rogan workout motivation?

Joe Rogan wants you to get out of your comfort zone and to push yourself because that is when you start to see results and that is when you will find your inner strength.

One of Rogan’s favourite quotes is “The Universe Rewards Hustle” so you got to put the time in the gym to get the results you want.

If you want to go places, you need to get out of your comfort zone and feel a little discomfort and sweat a little. If you are not afraid to sweat and want to get an amazing body and clear mind, then follow his dedicated routine and be honest with yourself. If you do this, you will see results.

Age Does Not Define Strength

Rogan may be near 50, but he knows how to stay in shape at every age. Between planning out his weekly workouts and doing yoga a couple of times a week and healthy eating, he stays in top shape. He also lifts weights three times every week, and he sticks to his schedule unless he is sick or injured. He enjoys many healthy pastimes such as kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu, and although he may not always have the time to devote to those rigorous activities, he enjoys them when he can.

A Healthy Diet

Rogan also cuts out the bread form his diets and limits carbs. He also skips the sugar, eats plenty of vegetables and wild game. He takes probiotics, multivitamins, and B12 and D vitamins as well.

Rogan tries to do what is good for his body, and he feels that that is the key to keeping his mind clear and focused and to have the energy he needs to get through the day.

Rogan doesn’t believe in failure, and he always pushes himself to work harder and to do more. He believes that this is key to being the best you that you can be and to get stronger. He follows a pretty strict weightlifting program that relies heavily on kettlebells to help him get into shape. He also believes in being consistent. When you are consistent change will happen.

Healthy Hulk Shake

He makes his “Hulk Load” shake every week, and it keeps him healthy and strong. It only has six ingredients as follows:

1.2-3 pieces of celery

2.5 kale leaves


4.chunk of ginger

5.garlic clove

6.fruit or beets (beets will make the shake red rather than green)

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