Is Joe Rogan Dead? + 5 Bizzare Facts About Him

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Joe Rogan is a man of many talents. He went after several pursuits before his final breakout. Joe was and is still a comedian, a mixed martial arts color commentator, a podcast host, a former actor, and television host.

His role as an actor and television host got him the break he needed before he got engaged in other roles. Now that he is not as much in the limelight as he was known to be, many are asking the controversial question, “Is Joe Rogan dead?” Find the answer below:

So, Is Joe Rogan Dead? The answer is simply no, a capital NO at that. Joe Rogan may not be in the limelight in areas where he used to be but he is now busier than he used to be and wealthier, of course. As a host of “The Joe Rogan Experience”, an audio and video podcast, he continues to release various episodes of the podcast till date.

5 Bizarre Facts About Joe Rogan

We are aware that Joe is multitalented. We know his career started in comedy and then he went on to host Television shows. He made a name for himself in the sports industry by working for UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

He later placed his career in comedy on hold when he became the host of Fear Factor which he picked up again after the show. Most importantly, he now holds a podcast titled “The Experience”.

These things you already know about Joe. However, there are some things, weird things that you don’t know about him. We are certain of that. We’ll, therefore, intimate you with some of these things.

1. Joe Rogan Has Tae Kwon Do Skills:

Did we not just tell you Joe is multitalented? Well here is another one. Joe learned Tae Kwon Do and became good at it. He did not just learn it, he became a champion at it. Yes, GRAND champion in Tae Kwon Do.

He won the U.S Open Tae Kwon Do Championship when he was just 19 years. He took out the middleweight and heavyweight titleholder as a lightweight and went home with the Grand Championship.

Today, Rogan is known to be involved in fights outside the ring by commentating on the events. It will be interesting to see him involved in the ring one of these days.

2. Wesley Snipes Challenged Him To A Fight:

Joe Rogan seems to be a confident man and not someone who fidgets at challenges. In the year 2005, Wesley Snipes challenged him to a fight, a one-off fight inside a cage. It was said that Joe had begun training for it.

The fight eventually didn’t take place. The reason is said to be because Snipes forfeited the proposal. Speculations have it that Snipes did that because he realized that he has gotten himself into “hot water” for wanting to fight a well-rounded fighter like Joe Rogan.

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3. He Called Carlos Mencia A Thief On Stage:

In 2005, Rogan accused Mencia of stealing his joke. He had been saying so since 1993. But in 2007 fellow comedians and Rogan were invited to “The Comedy” Store in Los Angeles, a night designed to celebrate comedians and their work.

While Rogan was rendering his stand up, he spotted Mencia and called him Menstealia, a move that divided the audience into two: Team Mencia and Team Rogan.

The event went viral as it was caught on camera. Though the burst up eventually cooled off, Rogan had zero shame and didn’t hide his anger about the situation.

He continued to call out Mencia still, even on Magazine, radio, and television interviews. Now you understand better when we say Rogan is a confident man who isn’t afraid or timid.

4. Rogan Became A Color-Commentator For UFC To Get A Free Ticket For His Friends:

Rogan is a great fan of the UFC martial art fight. In the year 2001, UFC president, Dana White offered Joe the spot of color-commentator. Unfortunately, Joe turned down the offer. He stated that he only wanted to drink alcohol and watch the match with his friends.

This led to an amendment of the proposal. The new proposal included the option of bringing his friends to the UFC event for free. So, Joe eventually accepted the request.

The following year, Rogan joined the team as a non-salaried commentator and Rogan did 15 gigs for free before he began getting paid for the work.

5. He Advocates The Legalization Of Marijuana

Among many of his other qualities, Rogan is very outspoken. He hasn’t been hiding his love for cannabis since the year 2000. He became involved with the idea of legalizing marijuana when he hosted the documentary film: “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High”. He has also featured in the film “Marijuana: A Chronic History and the Culture High”

Rogan has also had numerous interviews centered on the legalization of weed. Even with his podcast, he frequently talks about marijuana and its benefits. He often motioned that there is no difference between cheeseburgers and marijuana.

He stands resolute to the belief that people can overdo the consumption of cheeseburger, yet Burger Kind is yet to be shut down. But when we talk about the overdose of marijuana, we would rather revoke the legalization of marijuana. According to him, this belief is not justice.

Rogan also supports LSD, Mushrooms, and DMT because he believes they all serve a purpose in individual experience, allowing an individual to explore further into consciousness.

Little wonder he is interested in meditation as well. He believes individuals always want to find balance physically, mentally, and in the overall well-being of mindset.


Amidst all these weirdness, Joe Rogan continues to spur his fans’ love. He continues to stay in the limelight and he keeps rocking the entertainment world. He keeps making his opinions in an unbiased manner. He works hard to show all sides and explain his view, using his audio and video podcast as a powerful tool.