5 Interesting Facts About Henry Rollin’s House

The possessions of an individual say a lot about them. Amongst such possessions are cars, the houses, the fashion sense, and others. Therefore, to know people at times, it becomes expedient to observe their choice of possessions.

It becomes even more intriguing when the individual in question is popular. One of the more expensive possession which people spend a bulk of their money on is their house, it is therefore not a surprise that a lot of interest is given to it. There are some interesting facts about Henry Rollin’s house that will help you understand him more.

Just a little brief up, ‘Who is Henry Rollins?’ Henry Rollins who is also known as Henry Lawrence Garfield is in the entertainment industry. It’s amazing the number of things he does. He is a columnist for a magazine, a television show host, a radio presenter, an actor, a musician, a comedian, a songwriter, a spoken word artist, and an activist.

He has been involved in so many gigs. As an actor, a musician, and as an on-air personality, he has excelled. He is a household name. He even has books and audiobooks credited to his name. It’s little wonder there is an interest in knowing such a bundle of talents.

In a bid to know the man behind the name, some interesting facts were discovered about his house. This information will blow your minds away. Apart from the fact that his house is located in Los Angeles, Hollywood, the over $200,000 worth of speakers, the walls, no TV, a massive bookshelf are worth looking into.

5 Interesting Facts About Henry Rollins House

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1. $200,000 worth of speakers:

Popularly known as a religious audiophile and an unrelenting punk, one would wonder how such a person listens to music in his home. Well, it should not come as a shock that one of the most outstanding features in his home is his choice of speakers.

They are worth over $200,000 in total. It is made in such a way that wherever you are in his house, you can still hear the music blasting away.

He sure makes good use of them spending four hours every day listening to songs from it. The speakers are the elites of the elites. This shows how much he invests in music. He goes the extra mile. He believes that earphones do not do justice to the sound of music.

2. The walls:

A lot of people have 3D paintings and flowery paintings on their walls. This is not so for the awesome Henry Rollins. True to his character, the walls in his homes are decorated and covered up with pictures and posters of different bands across the years.

From the original manuscripts of his songs, to fan letters everywhere is filled up with one historical evidence or the other. It could serve as a music museum. He holds his music in high esteem and takes good care of all his musical possessions. All the posters are clean and dustless.

3. No TV:

If anybody told you that they didn’t have a television set in their homes, you would probably consider them to be weird. The television doesn’t just serve as a means of entertainment; it also helps to get information. Well, Mr. Henry Rollins doesn’t have a television set in his home.

This might come as a shocker but it is true. He rather invests in pieces of equipment that would further help his music skills and aid in his appreciation of music.

4. A massive bookshelf:

As Henry Rollins might be considered punky, it is surprising to know that he has a wonderful interest in books. Not just does he like books he is a book collector. He has a wide range of collections.

Most people have bookshelves, but his’ can be termed a library. His reading list greatly reflects in the types and patterns of books he writes.

5. Vintage:

Apparently, Henry Rollins has a thing for old and vintage materials. Asides from his choice of wall decoration, the house itself appear to have been built in 1947. Stretching over 2,100 ft square meters.

It is quite spacious with a lot of open ends. It has three bedrooms and cost him $740,000 in 1999 when he bought it.

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What Are The Influences Of Henry Rollins House?

One would wonder why such a carefree personality like Henry Rollins might have a house as described above with such features. While some of the choices of home appliances and decorations might be expected, others are most definitely not.

The stereos are quite expected since he is deeply into music, so is the library full of books. But the lack of television is surprising.

This according to Henry Rollins, he was greatly influenced by his mother. He spent a great deal of his time reading and doing other things apart from watching the television set while growing up. So he just never got into the whole idea.

According to him, the type of home he has now is a replica of the type in which he grew up. The whole art on the wall idea came from his first home. Books and records were all over and there was no television in sight.