How To Clean Pillow Top Mattress?

Picture of how to clean pillow top mattressA mattress left unclean for several months, is over 15,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. It is over 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet door knob. Statistics has it that, over 3million colony of germs are formed per square inch on a bed that has not been cleaned in about a week.

With the combination of sweat, saliva, dust and some other stuff, you should consider cleaning your mattress at least once in every 6 months or even more often. Let’s show you how to clean the pillow top mattress.

There are steps on how to clean the pillow top mattress. This includes getting your mattress ready by removing all that is attached like a bed sheet, pillows, etc. Then, vacuum your mattress to remove all dust. Next, pay attention to stain that is on the mattress and cleans them out.

Use baking soda to refresh your mattress by spreading the baking soda across the entire surface of the mattress. Again, use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the baking soda. The last step is to air-dry your mattress and then use a clean bed sheet to cover it again.

How Special Is Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow top mattress does not have any special cleaning process. However, when compared to other mattress types, it requires that you do regular cleaning. This is needed because of the soft nature of the layer that sits on the surface of the mattress.

This layer is quick to absorb and porous in nature. Dust and stain are quick to stay on it. This is why you have to pay attention to its regular cleaning.

Needed Instruments, Equipment and Materials:

To clean your pillow top mattress, some instrument, equipment, and materials are needed. These include the following:

  • Baking soda.
  • A vacuum cleaner with an attached hose.
  • Distilled white vinegar.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Liquid dish soap.
  • Plastic spray bottle.

Some of these are actually optional. There are alternatives to them but, they are the basic things you will need. They are mostly used because of how easy it is to access them.

Functions Of Each Of These Instruments, Equipment, And Materials;

  • Baking soda: The baking soda, when applied on the surface of your mattress, will help refresh and give a new odor to your mattress.
  • A vacuum cleaner with an attached hose: This is used to suck out all dust and pet hair that are resident on your mattress. It will also be used to clean out the baking soda after you have carefully applied it on the surface of the mattress.
  • Distilled white vinegar: Vinegar is actually optional. A mixture of vinegar with baking soda will function as stain remover. Soap and cold water can serve this purpose. Harsh cleaner like chloride or ammonia can also perform this role. The use of harsh cleaners is not recommended though. This is because they can damage your mattress.
  • Bucket: This will be used to do the mixture of some of the things that need to be mixed. It will also hold the water for cleaning. It is safer to use cold water in the cleaning process, instead of warm water. Warm water could cook the stain into your mattress, instead of aid in removing the stain.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and Liquid dish soap: A mixture of Hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda can also serve as a stain removal agent.
  • Plastic spray bottle: The plastic spray bottle will be used to spray the mixtures that should be sprayed. Plastic spray bottle ensures that you do not apply too much of a mixture on the surface of the mattress.

Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Pillow Top Mattress:


Prepare your mattress for cleaning. This implies that you will have to remove all attachments to the bed. Attachments such as the bed sheet, pads, blankets, pillows, etc., should be removed. Then carry the mattress to a convenient place. A place where there will be enough space to do the cleaning.


Next is to pick up the suction vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Use the vacuum cleaner to pick up every dust that may be resident on the mattress. If you have pets, look out for pet hair and remove them using the vacuum process. Make sure you uncover all corners of the mattress. Look out for hidden space where dust might be hiding.


The third step is to remove the stains. Stains come from a different source. Dust, saliva, sweat and several others, form a means of stain. If you are fond of eating in bed, you will most likely find stains which sources are related to food. Pets also constitute a source of the stain.

Here is where you will need to pay more attention. There are different types of stain removal. It is recommended that you use soft stain removal like soap and cold water so as not to damage your mattress. A harsh cleaner has the record of damaging mattresses.


Apply baking soda to the entire surface of your mattress. This will help to refresh the odor that emanates from your mattress. It is better to wear gloves while you do this, in order to ensure the adequate spreading of the baking soda.


Pick up the vacuum cleaner again and this time, use it to clean out the baking soda from the surface of the mattress.


The final step is to let air have its effect on the mattress. It dilutes the concentration of the various mixture you have applied on the mattress.


When all these steps are carefully followed, you would have successfully cleaned your pillow top mattress. Replace all attachment and begin to enjoy your clean, stain free and odorless pillow top mattress.