How Do You Move A Mattress Without A Truck?

Research showed that 44 percent of every 2000 couple moves in together as soon as they started dating. In some places, the stat is as high as 75 percent. Especially in places that have a high cost of living. Couples, therefore, move in together so as to save cost. The big challenge is how to move a mattress without a truck. There is a way to beat this challenge though.

Want to know how to move a mattress without a truck? Simply use your car. Yes, by tying your mattress to the top of your car, you will be able to move the mattress at little or no cost. You only need to tie it properly to avoid damages.

See a guide below of how to move your mattress using your car.

Picture of How Do You Move A Mattress Without A TruckStep By Step Guide On How To Move Your Mattress Without A Truck:

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is to buy a rope. The rope is basically what you need aside from a car of course. Therefore, visit a store to get the rope you need. Buy a rope thick enough to prevent snapping, and as well thin enough, so you will be able to tie it. In order words, buy a medium size rope.

Step 2:

Roll down all the car windows. Lay a piece of the rope you bought on the top of the vehicle covering its length and a little bit more. That is, lay the rope from the rear of the vehicle to the front. Let the rope extend a little beyond both ends of the vehicle.

Then place your mattress on top of the vehicle. Let the rope remain underneath the mattress. Make sure the mattress is well-positioned on the vehicle. If it is protruding on the sides of the vehicle, make sure there is a balance on both sides. Position the rope to be at the center half of the mattress.

Step 3:

Next, pass two strings of ropes from one side of the windows to the other. It is important to note that at this stage, you need the car driver to come in before you pass the ropes. This is because the driver and anyone will have to pass through the window once the ropes are tied.

When the ropes are passed, tie the ends of each rope. Make sure you tie this firm.

Step 4:

Grab the long piece of rope, and weave it around the piece of ropes you have tied. Then, finally, tie the ends of the long rope together. Once that is done, you are ready to move.

Is It Permitted To Carry A Mattress On The Top Of A Vehicle?

There is no direct answer to this. It is permitted in some place while it is not in other places. You will need to find out what the law says in your area. Will carrying your mattress on top of your vehicle grant you a ticket or not? If so, then it’s probably not worth it. You need to get yourself familiar with the state statute.

How To Move A Queen-size Mattress Out Through The House Door?

One of the challenges faced when trying to move a mattress, is how to carry it out through the house door. Queen-size mattresses are usually big in size.

This constitutes the problem we face when we try to move it out through the door. Though when made to rest on the floor, they are not as tall as a typical house door frame. The problem comes when we try to lift them. The lifting by the hand off the ground would have added to the height of the mattress making it impossible to carry it out that way.

Dragging it on the ground is an option, however, it can damage the mattress. How then can we do it? The answer is; by using a rope to lift the bed. So, instead of lifting the bed with your bare hand, you use a rope.

The process requires two people. Pick a rope and lay it on the floor. Make the mattress stand on the side that indicates it’s height and then place the rope under it. Let the rope sit in the center half of the mattress height. Each person at the ends of the mattress will then pick up the rope.

The rope will be used to lift up the mattress to the required height. This way, the mattress can be moved out without obstruction. The rope should be rolled around the hand. This is so as to spread the weight of the mattress around the wrist.

Watch this video guide.


Tying your mattress to the top of your car is a great way to save money from renting a moving truck. This method, however, is also dangerous. The entire process should be done with care so that your mattress does not end off flying off the top of your vehicle.

When this happens, your bed will most probably fall on another car’s screen which could cause damages. While you drive with your mattress tied to the top of your vehicle, move very gently. This way, the wind will not blow too powerful to overpower the grip of the rope.