How Can I Stop My Mattress From Slipping On Metal?

Research showed that over 90% of people dislike having their mattress slide off its support. Only a few people, under 10%, do not get an emotional rush when such happens. This shows how annoying it is to have a mattress that won’t stay in a place.

Thankfully, there are simple solutions on how to stop a mattress from sliding off metal. If you have been thinking of how to keep mattress from sliding on metal, find the answer below.

Pondering on how to keep mattress from sliding on metal? Simply use Non-slip pads or purchase and make use of elastic straps. There are also Mattress encasements which you can buy to keep your mattress from slipping. Other solutions include using a Double-sided tape and moving the bed to a corner. The last resort is to get a new mattress.

Let’s go into the details for each of these solutions. What are they, how do they solve the problem and what is the after effect for each? Find out below.

  1. Non-Slip Pads:

Picture of How Can I Stop My Mattress From Slipping On MetalThese are anti-slip pads that many uses under their rugs or carpet. They are made of rubber and they work for mattresses as well. Non-slip rubber pads are a non-expensive solution to fixing the problem of sliding mattress even on metals.

How To Use Non-Slip Pads;

Step 1: Measure the size of your mattress

Step 2: Visit a store with the measurement and ensure you purchase the size for your mattress.

Step 3: Lift off your mattress from the metal frame and lay the Non-slip pad over the top of the metal frame.

Step 4: Replace the mattress, placing it over the Non-slip pad. This way, the pad will be between the metal frame and the mattress.

When this is done, your mattress will stay firm on the frame.

There is no after effect to the use of a non-slip pad. It is the most commonly used solution to this problem.

  1. Elastic Straps:

This is used to hold on to the mattress. It prevents the mattress from staying out of position. You attach the elastic strap to the mattress and then to the metal frame. When force is suddenly applied, instead of the mattress slipping, the elastic strap returns it to its position.

The after effect of this is that it constitutes an inconvenience when you sleep on the mattress. One way to overcome this is to place a mattress pad on top.

  1. Mattress Encasements;

Picture of How Can I Stop My Mattress From Slipping On MetalThis is an encasement that covers the entire body of the mattress. Some fabrics are friction resistant such as Cotton, Micro Polyester, etc. Spending to buy a Mattress encasement that is made of such material will help solve the challenge.

Using mattress encasement is not only a great way to prevent mattress sliding, it is also a great way to preserve the mattress. You might need two of this so as to interchange while one is in the laundry.

  1. Double-Sided Tape

Another great way to solve the mattress slipping problem is to get a double-sided tape e.g. Velcro. Double-sided tape has adhesive on both sides. They are designed to stick together. One side of the divide will be attached to your mattress while the other will be under your metal frame. You are to make sure they are aligned so that they stick today and hold your mattress firm.

This use of double-sided tape is a short term solution. This is because, over time, it leaves a mess on the mattress. Sometimes, it is difficult to get out the tape entirely. If all that matters to you is to prevent the slipping occurrence and not the condition of your mattress, consider this option.

  1. Move The Bed

This method will not cost you in any way. Simply move your entire bed, the metal frame, and the mattress, against a wall. The wall will limit the movement of the mattress, preventing it from sliding.

However, with this method, there will be one free side. You can’t control the sliding of the mattress to this other side. Meaning each time the mattress slides to the free side, you have to guide it back to position.

  1. Replace The Old Mattress

Sliding seems to happen more when the mattress is old. You need to check if your mattress is still under its trial period. Sometimes, you may need to get a new mattress. Most especially when you have tried all the above and it doesn’t seem to work. Your bed might just need a replacement.

The challenge is that getting a new mattress is expensive. Shopping for a new one can be demanding as well.

Why Does Mattress Slide off metal?

There are several reasons why a mattress slips off its position. Some of these include;

  • Lightweight: Some mattresses have heavyweight which keeps them balance on the bed frame. However, when a mattress is lightweight, it tends to drift off often.
  • Lack of friction: this is probably the most cause for mattress slipping. Friction is the force that resists the movement of a surface over another. When the fabric of the mattress is not friction resistant, the mattress will slip.
  • Imbalance bed: your mattress will slip off the metal frame when there is an imbalance. When one leg of the frame is shorter or longer than the other, gravity takes over. The bed will naturally slide to the lower side of the bed. This can also happen when the floor upon which the bed stands is not balanced.
  • Aged mattress: your mattress wears out over years of usage. When a mattress is old, slipping seems to occur. You need to check the trial period for your mattress. If you’ve been using the mattress for more than 10 years, it’s probably time to change it. That may be the cause of the problem.