Dreamcloud vs Sapira Mattress – Which One Is Best?

Do you remember the last time you slept so soundly the transitions into morning was glorious, or have you forgotten? You cannot remember, right? Your present mattress is lumpy, dusty and saggy; and you had the old mattress since college.

You suppose it has been years since the last time you had a deep sleep and woke up in pure bliss. It is time; you need a new mattress. Mattress are affordable and amazingly easy to purchase online with free delivery. Your mattress comes straight to your front door hassle-free without problems or bother. You deserve a new mattress, so let’s compare two manufacturers’ mattresses, Dreamcloud vs Sapira.

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Sapira vs Dreamcloud Mattress

Let’s take a look at what is so special about each mattress, and then we will look at what makes them so different at the same time.

Dreamcloud Mattress

Dreamcloud is high end luxury, yet reasonably priced. The makers want you to sleep on top of an elegant mattress so you can wake up feeling like a king or a queen. The mattress is designed for comfort and style. This company builds mattresses with a take charge rationale; your sleep is paramount. Dreamcloud integrates VIP mattress designs with cutting edge sleep technology.

The craftsmen at Dreamcloud bring to you a lavishly plush mattress combining trendy euro top and extraordinary construction. You can be assured your back and body is supported sleeping on a Dreamcloud mattress because it was designed especially for you by fine mattress artisans.

Dreamcloud is made with eight levels of proven comfort and perfection. Level one is a blended cover made from cashmere polyester which providing breathable fabric to the touch. A gel infused foam for refreshingly temperate coolness and support is second. Soft quilted memory foam is number three. A hypoallergenic, superior natural latex layer gives spring and robust structure to layer four.

Number five is deluxe high density memory foam and it furnishes deep contouring. Extra dense foam for powerful support is supplementary to level six. The trademark pocketed micro coil compression is standard in all Dreamcloud mattresses and is number seven. Finalization of mattress precision is level eight, a high density foundation.

Dreamcloud is confident you will be devoted to their mattresses exclusively. They offer you a calendar year to test it out, a shocking 365 night trial. Hassle-free service is what Dreamcloud presents to you. Easy website purchases are trouble-free. A couple of clicks, an invoice process, and your mattress will be sent directly to you with free shipping. White glove set-up and removal is also available too.

Sapira Mattress

Sapira is a company started by the creators of Leesa. The mattress makers saw a need in the marketplace for a hybrid mattress somewhere in the middle between the standard, time-honored mattress and the rolled-up foam versions. It was American ingenuity from the start; and the new mattresses are manufactured in the USA. The new company Sapira created a pocket spring structures using recycled steel. This inventive coil structure was then placed between two layers of stabilizing foam. The final structure was padded on top with three inches of thick foam making the mattress have superior support. The new mattress incorporates comfortable sleeping with a little bounce and great lumbar support.

Sapira engineered their new hybrid five layer mattresses from expertise cultured in the mattress manufacturing field. Leesa was already renowned for their use of foam technology, so level one is cooling foam; level two is memory foam. Layer three is core support foam, and level four is a core pocket coil system. Layer five is a seamless iconic four-stripe cover.

Sapira was conceptualized by master craftsmen originating from the mattress industry, so the company is a trusted brand. Online purchasing is straight forward and easy to understand. Sapira offers a 100 night risk-free trial. Free shipping and returns are your assurance the company stands by their product and white glove delivery is available too.

Dreamcloud vs Sapira Mattress – Which One Is Best?

We love both mattresses but think Dreamcloud gives you the best value because of the price and build.

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