Dreamcloud Vs Purple Mattress – A Complete Breakdown [2018]

Dreamcloud vs Purple Mattress – Who Wins in a Comparison?

If you are reading this then you are one of the individuals that are looking for a superb mattress and you are not quite sure which one. This article is going to break down two types on the market now Purple vs Dreamcloud Mattress. To have a great day we all want a great nights sleep!

Purple vs Dreamcloud – Pricing

When shopping the first thing that you are going to worry about is price. The Purple and Dreamcloud are very close in pricing. The Dreamcloud queen size is $1,399 compared to Purple coming in on its queen at $1,599. However on the Purple for the $1,599 price is only for the two inch Comfort Grid, we will explain this below, to get the three inch or four inch model expect to pay $2,199 to $2,799.

Differences in Material?

The materials used on building these hybrid mattresses are not your classical type. They are made out of several different types of material including memory foam and latex. The New Purple Mattress has the Smart Comfort Grid which helps you with better alignment and support when you are sleeping.

The Dreamcloud has five layers memory foam which is cooling and latex. The difference in these is on the one hand you can have with the Dreamcloud an almost traditional feel of the mattress without losing the new innovative memory foam and construction of the coils. The New Purple Mattress once pass the grid there is only one more layer until the coils.

Sleeping Hot Or Cold?

The other topic that you would want to consider will it heat up as I sleep. The original memory foam had a drawback because it did heat up while you slept because it trapped your body heat and that can be very uncomfortable. The New Purple mattress offers with the smart comfort grid it allows for air to circulate to keep you cool. The Dreamcloud is gel infused close to the top of the mattress and also has a Cashmere blend top that is moisture wicking to keep you cool.

The New Purple mattress has a 100 night sleep guarantee to try it out and if you do not want to keep it they have free shipping and returns. The Dreamcloud has a 365 day in comparison. The warranty scope you will find that the Purple mattress has a 10 year warranty and the Dreamcloud has what is called a Everlong warranty, this means as long as you own and use it the workmanship is guaranteed.

In conclusion is always best for you to decide what is needed both offer new technologies that are being used in the mattress production process. In the end it is up to you to decide which one is for you. The above comparison’s are the core things that most people look for in a mattress and that goodnight’s sleep is calling to you alone to decide!

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