DreamCloud Vs Helix Mattress- A Complete Breakdown [2018]

DreamCloud Vs Helix Mattress: A Head to Head Comparison

We believe that one does not really understand comfy sleep up until they have the best mattress.

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Why else would you be here, trying to dig up more info about DreamCloud and Helix mattress?

If you’ve come here on function, chances are you’re confused about which mattress to choose between the two.

Well, do not worry excessive about it! We’re right here on your side, and prepared to help you pick the very best product for your needs.

Dreamcloud screams luxury with its build without burning a hole in your pocket, while Helix is known for its super-customizability.

But, which among these is much better? Who will be the winner of DreamCloud Vs Helix? There’s just one way to discover.

Let’s begin!

DreamCloud: A Comprehensive Review

  1. Building: Despite being a recent entrant in the market, DreamCloud managed to go far for itself among the consumers, thanks to its glamorous build.The mattress brand is known to utilize several products in its develop, consisting of 3 foam layers, an innerspring layer, and a base layer that comes near an overall height of 15 inches. All of these layers, in addition to a premium cashmere cover, offers you a sleeping experience worth remembering.
  2. The Layers: Unlike lots of other mattress brands where the cover is separated, DreamCloud considers its cover as the uppermost layer, below which there are 3 thin layers of foam.The first of these foam layers is remarkable at reacting to pressure and giving you the initial experience of sinkage.Latex is utilized in the second foam layer and is responsible for the breathability of the mattress. What’s intriguing about DreamCloud’s air flow mechanism is that it cools down the entire bed by dissipating the heat and regulating temperature level. Now, this makes certain that you never ever have to sleep hot.The foam layer at the bottom, unlike the remainder of the 2, is made use of as a transition layer to the next part of the mattress – the inner springs which make up thousands of pocketed coils. These coils are wrapped individually and are responsible for the air flow within the mattress.They likewise care for motion dispersion while offering you a great bounce. So if you’re someone who loves getting on the bed (though we encourage against it), this would be something you ‘d actually delight in.Finally, the last layer in the mattress is a layer made from high-density polyfoam, which holds the whole mattress together by functioning as a support and a foundation layer.
  1. Cover: As discussed previously, DreamCloud’s cover is made from Cashmere and polyester blend to enable its user experience luxury right from the uppermost layer. And this is possibly, among the best parts of the mattress too.However luxury is not all; the makers likewise made certain that the sleepers would get optimum comfort by quilting in a layer of memory foam into the cover. This offers it extra softness and works wonders with pressure relief.
  1. Firmness: One can state that the construct of this mattress is pretty sturdy. If you would want the firmness in numbers, then DreamCloud would be at around 7.75, on a firmness scale of 1-10, with one being the least and 10 being the greatest.
  2. Comfort, Feel and Sinkage: DreamCloud is thought about as a comfortable mattress by many sleepers, thanks to the softness of its cover, bounciness and even weight distribution. You also would not be caught in the bed as it doesn’t have much of an ’em brace the mattress’ sensation.If you tend to share your bed with a partner, then you don’t have to worry about all the moving and rolling around, as the mattress has great movement seclusion. And this is due to its layer of pocketed coils.Pertaining to sinkage, you do not actually experience much of it once your body reaches the innerspring layer. However, you might experience some sinkage as quickly as you get on the bed, because of the memory foam in the cover.
  1. Rates: You can obtain DreamCloud from a choice of four various sizes, with price varying from $1199 to $1499.

Helix: A Comprehensive Review

  1. Building: Perhaps, what keeps Helix apart from the remainder of the bed-in-a-box bed mattress is the method it’s made. The brand name customizes the mattress according to your preferences, based on a little survey. It includes concerns like:Your height, weight, and age
    If you are a stomach sleeper and back sleeper
    Do you move during sleep?
    Do you have any pressure points like broad shoulders, hips, and so on?
    Are you a hot or cold sleeper?
    If you experience any discomfort when you awaken
    If you would choose a company or soft mattress.As soon as these questions are responded to, Helix then makes a custom-made mattress for you by combining various foam layers and microcoils. This provides you outstanding assistance and a sleeping experience like never in the past.Moreover, if you take place to share the bed with a partner, then there’s a separate questionnaire for them to respond to so that the brand can make a mattress with 2 various firmness levels. But do make a note that this works only with a King and Queen size mattress.
  1. The Layers: Generally, Helix mattress makes up 4 different layers, which are customized according to your choices.The uppermost layer consists of a springy vibrant foam that reacts to the pressure really well. This makes sure that you do not have a feeling of being stuck or getting sunk into the mattress.Below the dynamic foam layer, lies the transitional layer which is made of Helix’s distinct proprietary foam. This feeling this layer offers you is somewhere in between latex and memory foams. It reacts to the pressure real quick and gets rid of the heat from the mattress, therefore paving the way for a smooth shift into the next layer.The 3rd layer of Helix includes microcoils, which are responsible for the flow of air within the mattress and making it possible for the user to sleep cool. It likewise assists in contouring the body and isolating the movement of the sleeper.The last layer of the mattress, obviously, works as a structure and is made of a dense polyfoam to support the remainder of the layers completely.
  1. Cover: Extremely thin polyester is used in making the cover of Helix mattress. This offers you fantastic breathability, without honing in the comfort offered by the very first layer.
  2. Firmness: As Helix is understood for its customizability, you get to choose your own firmness for the mattress. But if you wish to have the firmness rating on an average, we can position Helix around 6-7 on a firmness scale of 1-10.Nevertheless, you should know that the brand name is understood for manufacturing mattresses with firmness varying from 10 to 2 on the scale.
  1. Convenience, Feel and Sinkage: The personalization of the mattress permits you to feel comfy with your own choices. However we got to state; there are many other things Helix provides you to have a fantastic sleeping experience.Among the many requirements which add to the comfort and feel of the mattress is its layer of microcoils, which reduces the weight moving due to its outstanding capability to isolate movement.Sleepers on the lighter side of weight experience less sinkage with Helix as opposed to that of the heavier sleepers. Anyways, you can tailor the sinkage based on your requirements with the assistance of the sleeping test Helix provides in the beginning.
  1. Rates: You can pick a Helix mattress from six different sizes which might cost you anything in between $600-$ 1195, depending upon the size.

Dreamcloud Vs Helix – The Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Both DreamCloud and Helix are well-received mattresses with their own special requirements. While DreamCloud’s usage of several layers in construct, along with its cashmere cover makes for a comfy sleep, Helix’s distinct personalization offers you whatever you might request for in a mattress, with the help of a simple choice test.

Nevertheless, it is up to you to opt for the one that best works for you. And in case you need some aid, we’re right here!

Helix would be a much better option for you if:

You’re looking for a mattress that works equally well with sleepers who have various choices: For Helix, concerns are crucial to building the perfect mattress for its users. So, if you take place to have different individuals in the house that have a variety of sleeping preferences, then this might work for you.

You share a bed with a partner that has actually varied sleeping choices: Let’s confess. No two people generally have the same sleeping choices. There might be a need for various firmness levels or other concerns. In such cases, it’s better to opt for Helix as they make mattress with varying degrees of firmness on each side.

If you do not understand what you desire: This may sound like an actually unclear factor to go for a mattress, but there are a great deal of individuals out there who are indecisive about what they’re trying to find in a bed. This is where Helix concerns your rescue, as they offer you with a questionnaire and develop a mattress based on the answers provided.

However, you may want to select DreamCloud if:

You’re a side sleeper: DreamCloud is terrific at eliminating pressure and distributing the weight throughout the mattress. So, this might be an excellent choice if you’re a side sleeper as you tend to experience more pressure than people who sleep on their back or stomach.

You’re trying to find a glamorous experience: The cashmere in DreamCloud’s cover along with the polyester mix and the quilted in memory foam provides you comfort in addition to a sensation of richness. So, if you want to have a feel of it, then you may want to offer it a try.

Helix or Dreamcloud: Final Thoughts

Since we’re at the end, we ‘d like to say that DreamCloud and Helix are 2 amazing bed mattress that are special in their own ways. DreamCloud is everything about luxury and convenience. And Helix thinks in individualizing the sleeping experiences for their users.

However eventually, it is you who have to decide which one is ideal for you. Is it luxury, comfort, or customization? Or possibly a bit of all 3? See on your own and after that decide!

In my own point of view, I really liked the DreamCloud Mattress because I am a back and stomach sleeper. I also like the fact that it has a firm memory foam and has minimal sinkage.

Till next time!