Benjamin Pakulski’s Work-out Program – What You Need To Know

How would you feel when you get a full workout and nutrition program that has the exact exercise videos that you have been admiring to have? How much more would you feel when you learn that this work out program is initiated by an individual who not only finished in the top 12 categories in the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition but also has a degree in Kinesiology? This article focuses on Ben Pakulski who is among the best bodybuilders in the world.

What is Benjamin Pakulski’s Work out Program?

The above question has troubled a lot of people in the recent years especially those who have the passion of venturing on bodybuilding as a sport and career.

Focusing on the overall look of the program: Nutrition-wise it is good especially for the building of a lean mass, with medium protein intake from balanced sources and no omitting from carbs or fats. The macronutrients timing actually makes sense because even most athletes have practiced it before and tend to agree with Benjamin Pakulki’s program. His program equally entails meal plans for various amounts of calories.

Ben Pakulski’s program is enjoyable when it comes to the training part. This great body-builder major on four principles:

· Neurological overload

· Proper range of motion

· Time under tension

· Increasing the muscular ‘torque’

The beauty of this part is that they are well demonstrated in pictures and videos. There are also workout sheets and also a work out the calendar.

The Pros:

1. The information on nutrition is well captured and is helpful for any individual who plans to build lean muscle mass

2. The program is initiated by a well-known bodybuilder who doubles up a degree holder in Kinesiology

3. The detailed and actionable information that one receives with the program is actually mind blowing

4. The videos are clear and simple to follow and just in case one does not have the time to watch there are pictures that demonstrate the work-out steps.

The Cons:

1. Just like many digitally sold products, one will be pitched multiple add-ons after purchase which can be a bit intrusive.

2. The video is about 7-hour long and the pictures covered in hundreds of pages making it too much for a workout program

3. A greater percentage of the program is based on scientifically sound principles, some parts of the nutrition manual sum up as broscientific

How does it compare to other similar programs?

As in this MI40 Review explains, Ben’s nutrition and the work-out information is pretty solid and works out similarly to natural lifters.

Are there people that you cannot recommend this program for?

Yes. Ben Pakulski’s program is not suitable for beginners. Beginners should not try this advanced program because it requires a solid foundation of strength to work with. Therefore they should learn their body first and engage in basic full body training programs before embracing this advanced program.

Are there bonuses in this program?

The bonuses include;

1. 7-day detox and 7-day primer manuals

2. Main nutrition and training manuals

3. 21-days of arms manuals

4. Supplement stack manuals

5. Printable workout manuals

6. 8 meal plans for Calorie ranges between 2500-5000 kcal


Ben Pakulski’s program is pretty solid and easily one of the better body-building programs that are available on the internet. This program works especially for the intermediate and advanced lifters.