Amerisleep vs Dreamcloud Mattress – A Complete Breakdown [2018]

Amerisleep vs Dreamcloud Mattress – Who Wins?

After reviewing the Amerisleep mattress it actually looks pretty awesome to me. When you get it comes in a big roll tightly rolled up tube-like bag and when you open it inflates to full size. That doesn’t seem to take long either. I love the idea that you can get onto your bed and off of your bed without in my case disturbing my husband who works two jobs and takes two courses on the side.

To make it even better this mattress is said to be healthier from chemicals. That would be a big comfort to me. It comes with a clearly written instruction manual to explain how to safely open your mattress as to not to damage it. This mattress has 3 different types of foam in it the first layer of foam is a cooling memory foam.

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How great is that? I know first hand that when I lay down that cool feeling in the summer that you first feel doesn’t last long after you get comfortable.

Dreamcloud vs Amerisleep – Another Look

After reviewing the Dreamcloud Mattress it is actually, in my opinion, a bit on the pricey side with a price tag of $1,299.00. This mattress is more a medium firm mattress which can be great for some people. It also is pretty thick too.

The first couple of inches of this mattress is actually a gel type of memory foam. When you get the mattress it actually comes in a big roll and inflates to become the mattress. If anything happens that the mattress needs cleaned the company comes to you to clean it for free.

That is awesome. I don’t know if the Amerisleep Mattress company provides that or not. However, a good thing to look into. I personally would never know how to do something like that. The comparison of these two mattresses I gotta say they both sound great.

The Amerisleep mattress rounding about 1,200.00 and the Dreamcloud Mattress about the same so cost wise there isn’t much difference. Will my research between the two I have to say the top layer of fabric on the Dreamcloud Mattress is actually nicer looking than the Amerisleep.

However, from all the reviews I’ve seen the Amerisleep sleep mattress seems more me. I love a soft bed. The if you are the type of person that likes a firmer mattress because it feels better to your back or helps you sleep the Dreamcloud Mattress might be a good choice for you.

Amerisleep vs Dreamcloud Mattress: Final Thoughts

Both mattress really sounds just great. It would really be up to the individual buyer since the costs are so close together. They both look beautifully made. Expect for the Dreamcloud Mattress mattress actually had a design in the top cashmere fabric that is very distinct.

That could possibly be a good thing or bad depending on how sensitive you are to noticing things like that. the Dreamcloud Mattress company is apparently good for running deals on their mattress. Given the cost does increase if you upgrade to larger sizes. The two mattress does certainly give you a lost to consider.

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