Amazing Selling Machine X Review [2019] – A BRUTALLY Honest Look

Today I decided to write an Amazing Selling Machine review, and I decided to do this because right now I’ve been sharing with you a lot of content about my business about online sales.

Making your first dollar online is really an exciting experience and it brought me so much joy and a sense of hope, a sense of like yes, I can do this and because, prior to that you know, I didn’t have any business experience.

Like I said I don’t Even have a computer, so I felt like I had to learn so much and yeah. You know what I did have to learn a lot, but it was enjoyable because I knew I was learning this to build a business. That’S mine to build an asset, I’m not just working for a paycheck anymore, I’m building an asset, and it gave me just a sense of empowerment. Now I have a successful brand, it’s called Lux health. We sell body contouring garments, I sell both on Amazon and on my website and do anywhere from forty to eighty thousand dollars in sales per month. So I’m pretty happy with that and it kind of grew really fast, and so that’s why I’m really passionate about sharing this with people.

Like I mean, I’m telling you guys it’s exactly what I tell my family, my friends, that’s why I’m telling you this is my honest review, I’m not bullshitting. I have no reason to lie. It’S actually yeah. I mean I understand why there are skeptics, because a lot of people online our shady but yeah, like I’m, telling you guys what I tell my family, my friends because people always ask me: well how did you get started? Can you do coaching for me?

Can you mentor me and I’m like you know what I could, but you have to invest in a course, because the amount of time that would take me to tell you to step by step on what to do, would take forever? Just get a course and you go through the module each one after another and it’s great so anyways.

What Is Amazing Selling Machine X (ASM) Course?

With ASM you get an 8-week training program that provides you with the capabilities you need to develop service you envision. You get access to the mentorship program, a special community of business owner who has really obtained success, and the individual resource vault.

According to ASM, normally the coaches easily offered to you have really used over $1 million each in their own organization. You similarly get a lifetime membership to the Amazing Selling Machine area online forum. With the unique community online forum, you can participate in live individual group training calls. You get access to expert product listing evaluation and target traffic discount from the ASM experts on your product.

The tail end of ASM is the individual resource vault that uses you access to create templates and contacts you can use in your own business. You get the convenience in comprehending that you will be directed through picking what product to use. You will rapidly find how to get your business started. AS< with providing help in running your new business. You will think in comprehending you are using marketing methods that in fact work. When you have in fact ended up training you will comprehend how to scale your service. Amazing Selling Machine truly uses the training you need to establish your business, even with no service experience.

The Amazing Selling Machine?

On Amazon, like little things like that, also like barcodes logistics, just sound like a number of different things that you just don’t even have the mind, thought to actually go on google and search for it. But it’s not until a course brings it to your attention. So the Amazing selling machine x will remind you, hey, did you do this like? Oh, I don’t even think about that, and so it’s really valuable to have that guidance because when you’re doing it yourself, you have to have some sort of really heightened sense of awareness and knowledge to be able to search for things, especially if you’re new to the business.

There’ a lot of things that you won’t know to search for, including like finding patents and trademarks and just a number of different things. So the course helps you with that. The immensely super important third thing that I love about it is that you become part of a community, so the amazing calm. They have like forum type of thing where you login it’s a membership site. You log in you get access to the module. You know they only release the module one week at a time, so you can’t skip to the fourth module ahead of time and then every time you complete something you get a badge.

So you get like you know. You have your you source, your first product, you set up your product listing. You made your first sale. You made your first $ 50,000, so you get a badge for every achievement which is super awesome and it kind of gives you that excitement and then also you get to interact with the other people who are taking the course.

So there are forums and there’s a community and you get to ask people questions, and on top of that you have access to mentors, so the amazing selling machine x they actually pay mentor is to be there on the forums to help answer your questions, and these aren’t just Like some random people, these are super successful Amazon sellers themselves, so they’re making they’ve made million dollar businesses on Amazon and they’re there to help you and support you. So that’s a huge thing and community-wise also like I said you know, I go every year to their seller Kahn event and it’s just been so amazing. You know I have to be honest, so the event, basically they hold hosted either in Vegas or Florida or whatever, and basically, they get.

What’s is Amazing Selling Machine’s Price?

Amazing Selling Machine X (ASM X) price is $3,497. That’s almost four thousand dollars. That is quite a bit of money for a course.

Then there are the upsells that could put the price even higher.

That is a lot of money. If you look at it in terms of what possessions you might buy with it instead. But if you look at it as an investment, it’s not much money at all.

Let’s put it in the context of some other common investments.

  • Putting $4,000 into your retirement savings will net you approximately 5% annually: about $200 in the first year. That’s an annual return on investment (ROI) of 0.05.
  • An MBA costs $65,000 on average and increases income by approximately $7,000 per year. That’s an annual ROI of 0.11.
  • A McDonald’s franchise costs $1 million to $2 million and makes an average of $2 million a year. The ROI from that investment is 1.0 to 2.0.

Amazing Selling Machine also has live events. Maybe 2,000 people come and they go and they have a lot of content. So you’re gonna be taking a lot of notes. You learn a lot of special things that are not in the course and they also have you know keynote speaker. It’s like Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, and it’s really an exciting place to be, and, to be honest for me, I didn’t actually believe in really.

You know, make the online business the Amazon business until a witch. The Amazing Selling Machine live event, because I still I was trying. I was doing the thing I was following the chorus, but I was like yeah. I don’t know if this is gonna work, we’ll see we’ll see, and I never really had the full belief that this is it and when I went to the event I remember just being holy like I remember be like oh my gosh. This is real. I had I have goosebumps now, but I had goosebumps then, and I remember just talking to people seeing people who are making. You know fifty thousand dollars a month, 100 thousand dollars a month in sales, and I was thinking, are they all I get to me like? Could it possibly be that everyone I’m talking to is lying to me and figured no?

It’s not a lie like this is legitimate, but the thing is it beyond pop. Before I went to the event prior to the event doing making that much money was beyond my reality, I come from a small town in Langley British Columbia. People don’t make you know, you know I can’t generalize, but I don’t know anyone that makes that much money, and so it wasn’t within my reality and it wasn’t until I went to the event that I started to dream big and coincidentally, at that event I made My first sale and I remember being in the hotel room and just celebrating – and it was such an exciting time, and so since then, I’ve gotten hooked.

I’ve gone to every event since then, and now, instead of just kind of sitting in the audience of the event. I actually am interviewing the speakers, so all the videos that you’ve seen on my channel previously and if you haven’t seen them yet I highly recommend going back and watching them I’ll link them down below. For you.

These are all people who have been speaking at the event, so I get to interview them and it’s so exciting because I’m hearing people like Angie Chong, who does $ 500,000 in sales per month and she has four children. She started this do in the midst of a divorce. She started this almost on the verge of bankruptcy and she built this multi-million dollar business. It’s insane and there’s also you know a Romanian couple which I don’t know if I released a video yet but Romanian couple, that they are making hundreds of thousand dollars every month and they are just such a sweet couple like they don’t even care for them.

You can tell it’s just they want to help people and so they’re in Romania, they’re trying to build a community trying to share with everyone about this course trying to help them get started online because of a lot of their friends. You know in Romania. It’s not that wealthy, and so they might really want to help people, and so they, you know, struggled a lot during the first few months with the amazing selling machine with the course because they just weren’t in a good place.

My Final Thoughts on Amazon ASM X 2019 Review

So yes, amazing selling machine 100 % recommend it so one other thing I want to tell you guys is that I am an affiliate for the Amazingsellingmachine which means that if anyone purchased the course through me, I do earn a commission for that. But the thing is, I didn’t even start becoming an affiliate until I had already done a ton of videos about it until I had already recommended to all my friends and family – and I realized that yo, I’m recommending this to everybody who I am and I why Am I not an affiliate for the course so I registered as an affiliate after I had realized that I naturally am recommending this course um. So yes, so just know that this is my honest opinion.

There’s no, even if I wasn’t affiliated this is the course I would strongly advise you to take. It is step by step and one who did sign up through my last year, um, you know I’ve seen some people they’re doing really really well. Some people are still getting started. You know the thing is you don’t have to start right away?

Even if you get the course now, you don’t have to start because you have lifetime access to the course.

If this is the lifestyle that you want, if this is your calling, then I highly recommend it. If you want free business information, if you want free video training for Amazon, I do have a lot of valuable races resources for you.

So I hope that this ASM X review was helpful for you and I wish you all nothing but success. You know you can be skeptical about it. That’S totally fine! You don’t have to do it nobody’s forcing you to do anything, but I’m telling you that there is a huge opportunity here, and I do wish that you know people who do have access to the internet doesn’t matter where you are in the world. This is a great business opportunity, so I hope to see you there.