The ECNIS Joint Research Programme aimed to promote high-quality research that makes use of the multidisciplinary expertise of partners and provide an opportunity for conducting molecular epidemiological research on a European scale. During the 5 years of ECNIS activity, 3 calls for "type B" projects were published, leading to the conduct of 24 projects.


Project title

Partners involved


First call

Validation of NNOC-related DNA adducts and assessment of their determinants in the general population.  P. Georgiadis (NHRF), C.A. González, J. Linseisen, D. Segerbäck, P. Farmer, P. Boffetta, T. de Kok  pdf
Towards consensus for the measurement of urinary 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine.  R. Oliński (Bydgoszcz), M.S. Cooke, S. Loft  pdf
Use of lymphoblastoid cell lines for the identification of at risk genotypes: validation of cell lines for the DNA repair response.  G. Matullo (ISI), S. Loft  pdf
Development of methods for determination of tobacco-smoke related collagen adducts in human lung – possible biomarkers of long-term exposure
 B. Jönsson (Lund), B. Schoket  pdf
Molecular dissection and potential cross-talk of the biological and genetic pathways affected by benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) and dioxin (TCDD)  F. Oesch (Mainz), S. Kyrtopoulos, J. van Delft, D. Segerbäck, J. Hayes, M. Kirsch-Volders, A. Seidel  pdf
Induction of oxidative stress by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and its modulation by food components  S.A. Kyrtopoulos (NHRF), M.N. Alexis, M. Botsivali, V. Papadimitriou, T. Sotiroudis, V.L. Souliotis, Jagadeesan Nair  pdf
Short-term effects of selenium on global gene expression in humans using selenium-rich milk and different selenium supplements  B. Åkesson (Lund), L. Dragsted  pdf
Genetic and epigenetic alterations in plasma DNA of healthy and cancers subjects as biomarkers of exposure or tumorigenesis  P. Hainaut (IARC), Z. Herceg, P. Vineis  pdf
A mendelian randomization study of cruciferous vegetables and lung cancer within the EPIC cohort study  P. Brennan (IARC), P. Vineis, J. Linseisen  pdf
Is PPARd the “fat sensor” that mediates the promotion of intestinal cancer by high fat diets?  C. Palmer (Dundee), J. Rafter, S. Pettersson  pdf

Second call

Biomarker-based assessment of alcohol-related cancer risk  P. Boffetta (IARC), R. Vermeulen, A. Hirvonen, B. Dumez  pdf
Early changes in immunological markers in Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas: Development and validation of multi-analyte platforms  R. Vermeulen (Utrecht), P. Vineis, S. Johnston, J. Linseisen, A. Nieters, C. Schroder  pdf
Integration of biomarkers in the estimate of cancers attributable to environmental and dietary factors in Europe  P. Boffetta (IARC), R. Vermeulen, J. Linseisen, P. Vineis  pdf
Method development and validation of acetaldehyde induced DNA damage as a biomarker of alcohol intake  J. Nair, D. Segerbäck (KI), P. Farmer  pdf
Improving the throughput and efficiency of the 32P-postlabelling assay (ITEPA)  D. Phillips (ICR), L. Moller, B. Schoket,
F.-J. van Schooten, J. Nair
Assessment and reduction of comet assay variation in relation to DNA damage and DNA repair phenotype  P. Møller (Copenhagen), L. Möller, R. Godschalk, G. Jones  pdf
Contribution of diet, cell turnover and DNA repair to production of urinary DNA damage products: validation of biomarkers of DNA damage and repair  P. Farmer (Leicester), R. Oliński, J. Nair, D. Phillips  pdf
Development and validation of phenotypical nucleotide excision DNA repair (NER) assays for use in molecular epidemiology  M. Kirsch-Volders (Brussels), F.-J. van Schooten, G. Matullo, S. Kyrtopoulos, A. Collins  pdf
Assessment of general population exposure to PAHs in northern Iran, a high risk area for esophageal cancer  F.-J. van Schooten (Maastricht), A. Seidel, D. Phillips, P. Boffetta  pdf

Third call

European Standards Committee on Urinary DNA Lesion Analysis (ESCULA)  M. Cooke (Leicester), R. Oliński, S. Loft  pdf
Use of new transgenic mouse models to study the metabolism of environmental and dietary carcinogens  D. Phillips (ICR), V. Arlt, C. Henderson, R. Singh, H. Schmeiser  pdf
Assessment and reduction of comet assay variation in relation to DNA damage  P. Møller (Copenhagen), L. Möller, R. Godschalk, G.D.D. Jones  pdf
Preliminary assessment of general population exposure to mycotoxins in northern Iran, a high risk area for esophageal cancer  P. Boffetta (IARC), Paul C. Turner, Yun Yun Gong  pdf
Validation of N2-ethylidenedeoxyguanosine as a biomarker of alcohol intake  D. Segerbäck (KI), P. Farmer, J. Gromadzińska  pdf

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